Suggestion for new or "missing" building tiles

We all hope this game will grow further after release and on March 20th (?) there will be the stop for integrating new objects to the game for release. So why not making a channel for such objects and placeables you wish they should be in the game? :innocent:

My first thoughts: Spiral stairs :muscle:


More carved decorations, like Nordic dragons’ heads or stone gargoyles.

I’ve tried to make historical Stave Churches a couple times, but they never look quite right. We need something like these:

  1. Hammocks for sleeping up in the trees (safely when logged out) while away from home base.

  2. Limits to how much can be carried once endurance threshold reached (like 2,500 stone), but handcarts can assist with carrying more.

  3. Secret doors that look like walls, but pivot or swing open.

  4. Peg boards for hanging clothes on walls


spiral stairs would be cool.


Longer ramps (i.e. 2x1x1). Now the ramps on Testlive are to short and to steep with the same measures as the stairs(1x1x1).


In general more decorative stuff in general, but i would really like more unique decoratives. Found in special chests or from bosses etc. A cool resipie from the dragons on rare drop etc. A good reward for grinding if you feel like it. Seems like all the focus is on armors/weapons from bosses/dungeons now. I may be wrong though.


Domes! I would like to request domed roof tiles. Doesn’t need to be soon, but eventually. Domes.



Anyone remember this building tile - it was from the Mod: Glas constructions and more from I-emerge.
Such gateways (2x2) would be great, hopefully with doors or portcullis.


Nagoya_Castle(Edit2) I’d love to see some steeper roofs and ramps, like in the stone below. Currently you either go at 45 degree angle ramps, or 90 degree walls straight up. It would be awesome to see something more steep. This would be a 1x1x2 (high) ramp.


In Testlive there are ramps, with the same degrees like stairs. I would like to have longer less steeper ramps and @TwinCrows would like to have steeper ramps. Getting all these variations we can build a Zikkurat.


And there is one in the conan exiles beginning sequence :innocent:


I built a stonebrick ziggurat on my solo. Worked fairly well except the sides were vertical instead of steep incline. 2x1 that could be rotated on all axes is a good idea.


Larger glass windows and right angle wedges are the two building pieces i really want



We need Armor Stands for all Exilers (XBOX, Playstation and PC) like this from the Mod Pythagoras from swim1500 (great Mod by the way)


And also for all Exilers we need Jail bars like these also from the Mod Pythagoras


So one last wish before content lock tomorrow:

I survived, I built, now I want to dominate and therefore I need a CROWNThe%20Imperial%20Crown%20of%20the%20Holy%20Roman%20Empire

ofcourse without the cross


Armor stands - YES

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-Armor Stand
-Glass ceiling tiles walls and stairs, probably not foundations as that makes no sense.
-Horizontal beams for extra support (maybe increase the gap potential by 2)
-Right angle foundation; outward curved with new curved wall/wall with window and ceiling tile and roof tile corner. I know currently a diagonal slice into the existing square foundation is longer than the current wall placeable so best to introduce a different design.
-lashing post and/or cage for distant thrall capturing. Thrall on post can be attacked while being “broken” so need to place carefully. Serves same role as single slave wheel but with no slaver slot. Meant for aesthetics.
-row boat, for crossing small bodies of water. Once built on edge of water cannot be picked up. Limit 1 style type per player (1 design from Heirs of North, Darfari, and Black Hand. Total 3 per player if they have all 3)
-placeable trees
-permanent trees in the north, south has many but none in north to build around.
-Tents (small and big like black hand)
-2x2 door frame and door
-1x2 drawbridge for smaller entrances within for escape routes.


I had started my own thread as I couldn’t find one, but here it is.

Here are my comments copied over;

In the Easter Survey Results report, Joel Bylos asked for us to elaborate further as to our Building requests going forward. Joel, you are correct in the belief that the building aspect of the game is very highly polished already and you should be rightfully proud of it, I believe most players enjoy building in this game.

For me personally, it’s to have more building aspects to give me more variety in my designs. There isn’t anything wrong with what you have, but I’m just greedy for more options.

I have written about some of my requests before but I will start a list here and hope that other players will add to it here:

A 2x2 doorway - I find the ordinary door is a bit too small at times and the gate is far too big, it would be nice to have something in between.
2, A curved foundation, like a 1/4 of a round pie, wedge. Naturally it would need walls and roof parts to match.

3, Fence Railings for the stairs so that from the outside, the fence flows along and up the stairs without a missing triangle at the top and bottom.

4, Stop the roof tops from penetrating through the floor above. I like to roof the inside of my house, but the floor above has lots of roof’s poking through. They used to trip you up, thankfully you guys solved that some time ago, but it would be nice if they could go completely if a ceiling was attached.

5, Have decorative strips to place around the sides of your buildings. In old buildings they would be used to get rain away from the wall. Currently I place roof parts inside to give be the effect on the outside. A simple strip that can be attached to the top of a wall would suffice.

6, With the curved foundations, a matching staircase would be nice to make tower staircases have a smaller footprint.

7, Larger windows, it’s always nice to look out over your empire from a kitchen or bedroom window. But, in PvE we still have the issue of players steeling through windows, hence No.8 request…

8, Windows. We have glass in the game, it would be nice to be able to fill our window spaces with glass to stop thieving hands coming in.

9, Ropes or Rope Ladders - for accessing a higher floor/loft space without the need to stair cases.

10, End parts to walls. If I have a wall end, it is uneven with bricks. An end piece to smooth off the wall would be good if I don’t intent to extend the wall.

11, An internal wall. Often I separate rooms with walls, but one room has an external wall, it would be nice to have a wall with internal skin on both sides.