Building is....terrible

For a game thats based off of building a home to make stuff in, this games building mechanics are…well terrible. Support beams dont work, you have to place pillars down every 1 block to support the ceiling that will instantly cave in, and some blocks just hate snapping to each other. I love this game, i have made a somewhat decent base already, but when it comes to corners and making it fancy, it really is a trashy system in place.

Funcom needs to fix stability issues. I dont want a royal bedroom to be flooded with pillars, just because the ceiling doesnt like me. A simple solution to this is: Support beams = Little stability (2-3 block radius), so you have to place more of them. Pillars = High stability (5 block radius) This will allow large builds without making your home look cramped.

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From any foundation or pillar you can normally build out 4 ceilings panels in all directions. So if you plan things right you can space pillars 8 blocks apart.

I would say building in this game is pretty damn sweet. Although Most of the time people opt for a square box as it’s the most efficient form to go for and is easier to defend.

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I know it’s limited to building, but with some imagination you can come up with some wacky and zany designs.

Those were the only 2 pillars I had to add, which are only there because I made the entrance jut out 1 row further than it would allow. I find the physics good enough without the support beams, to seem realistic. It’s not like we have cranes and access to girders.


Trust me the building in this game is damn sweet compared to Ark…need i say any more :slight_smile:

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The building system is good if you know what to do and what is possible. With the repair hammer you can check the stability of the parts and know if you can snap or not.

The only thing that is bad is, the limit for big rooms. The Map Room for example need 8x8 space and this is your limit for a room. If you want 9x9 or 10x10 to place something around the map room you are forced to place pillars in a room where you dont want pillars.

The stability should be raised so the room limit is 10x10 and than you need pillars for stability the ceiling! Or the Map Room Item size go down to 7x7 and than you have 1 foundation space around the map room.

Bit off topic but I love that arena! Do you use it for pvp duels? Any pics/vids of it in use?

I honestly think the map room is entirely too big to begin with. There’s absolutely no reason they couldn’t just shrink that bad-boy by 50%, allowing many of us to incorporate it better into our builds. One of the most common things I’ve heard on my sever(myself included) is that people designed their bases with a map room in mind, only to find out that by the time they could create said map room that they couldn’t fit it where they wanted it to go.

I left the center of my cimmerian donut open so I could fit a map room in there. It just ALMOST fits. If only I made the circle one row wider I could place my map room there, but there’s no way I’m adjusting my base to fit it, it would be too much of a pain. So, I did what everyone else on my server did…built something else for the blasted map room. Unfortunately, what I built can’t have the ceiling closed, because the damned thing is too big.

Seeing Enyo’s arena also reminded me of something else annoying. My server had a contest recently where a bunch of us made arenas, and the winners arena would host events. Well, on each side of the arena I placed stonebrick gates which open into what I call a “ready room”. I also have a stonebrick gate on the other side of the ready room, with the sole purpose of being able to lure giant boss monsters into the room and trap them, then open it up and let people fight it. It sounded like a fun little idea, only for me to find out later that enemies will not go through a stonebrick gate. They’ll walk right up to it, but not enter. Even a rhino won’t go through. Wtf!? Kind of defeated the entire purpose of doing that, and I only found out by the time I was finished and tried it.

As much as I love the building in this game, that’s the most common thing I tend to run in to. You don’t find out things don’t work until it’s too late. Y’know how many builds I’ve had crumble after a server reset, all because Funcom broke their support beams?? The building mechanics are some of the best imo, but the issues with building are enough to make one hate the game.

I definitely understand the ops complaint. Also, nice arena, Enyo. :smiley:


This is an awesome idea! :smiley:
It really should work. :slight_smile:

I now have the problem i destroyed Pillars at my building and 4 ceiling broke too. Over one ceiling is my ymir temple level 2 and now i cant rebuild the ceiling under the temple. it wont let me.

So should i destroy the level 2 temple or live with it… the building at conan is good, sometimes better than ark but with the limited stability and objects in the path were no object is, it could be frustrating.

So my ymir temple have all symbols ready for level 3 but if i destroy it all is gone forever… why the hell i cant rebuild it like doors or elevators… this would be great to reorginize your base.

The Map Room thank god can be put back into the inventory otherwise many materials are gone… but why not with a level 2 or 3 temple where symbols are stored and cant be picked up from the ground? I destroyed a temple before and droped the symbols now they lay on the ground and dont despawn even after server restart there are some symbols in a bag and no interaction with it…

Hopeful Funcom will bring a nice patch soon and improve the building system.

For many ideas to build in conan that i have in my mind iam limited with the hall size of 8x8 thats stuipid i want to build a big hall for my map room without pillars around. Funcom should solve this problem.

(sorry for my english, iam german)

Are you playing SP, or MP??

If you’re playing SP, then just download a mod that’ll let you put stations back in your inventory, similar to your map room. If you’re playing MP, well, just bite the big one and destroy the temple. Getting it back to T2 won’t take long at all, just make a bunch of your cheapest item and upgrade it. Bricks and iron reinforcements are easy to gather.

I can say this, because when it comes to item placement, I’m very OCD. It’s actually quite common for me to destroy altars/stations over and over until I get it placed in the exact spot I want it. If it’s off even a little, it’s outta here!!! lol

if you build a box the mechanics are fine, if you try to use lots of wedges and sloped things the bugs get real and the snapping is horrible, sometimes you have to build like 10 T1 pieces so you can place one T3 where it is supposed to be, break down the T1 and continue building.
adding a option to see the hitboxes of building stuff would be great too, the wheels have weird hitboxes and the ymir shrine needs far more space then it looks like etc.

That doesn’t make any sense to me. Why don’t you just build it all in T1, then upgrade it to T3?? Why build with the T3 initially??

I play on a PvP Server. So level 2 is gone and my 75 symbols for stage 3 also… that is bad because its a ymir altar with farming iceshards and this horrible! Killing so many humans and harvest the shards, 3 per body… holy doing this again is a pain… maybe i put a third floor on top of my house… or let it as it is with a hole in my ceiling… :frowning:

If you could do that, you’re a greater man than I. That would drive me insane soooooooooo badly, that I’d just tear the whole thing down and start over.

I didnt decide it yet if i rebuild it or not… the base is just open now but you cant climb on top of my base for the moment but i started build the room for my map room so i could stack another floor on my base and use the ceiling hole for something else… :roll_eyes:

because if you have the design for the base in the new location planned out you craft all the required building pieces in your base, respecc to 50 encumbrance and walk to the new location to build there a fortress in one go (at least in theory if there are no bugs and snapping problems).

That line right there is why I would never do that. It goes one and one with what I said earlier.

Then again, I don’t play on servers that lose everything upon death, so I do the bed/bedroll hop a lot. If I played on a server that did lose everything and was pvp, I can see that time is of the essence.

Thanks! That’s version 3.0. I didn’t show the dining hall, dungeon, kitchen, workshops and office all hidden away in the floor plan. I always start with a sandstone build to get everything to my liking, so that it doesn’t cost a lot if i make a mistake or want to change something. I will NOT be building another one any time soon, those round structures are a total pain to try and split into rooms. :sweat_smile:

I actually learned about the brick gateway when I tried to lure the King Rhino into a circular base, to give some entertainment while trying to dismantle it. He got stuck and gave me some easy keys…


I completely understand, there were certain areas I had to get creative to make work right regarding my arena. I just have 2 big open halls for entry-points, rather than try to make the walls work in regards to a ticket booth and/or other fun stuff. XD I do have what I call a party area where people can hang out besides the bleachers.