Large Foundations

Crafted by combining four or more regular foundations to create a single “Large Foundation.”

It’s main purpose is to lessen the burden of loading in large structures for PC/Console users.


  • Faster loading times.
  • Faster building times.
  • Cleaner/simpler looking walls or floors.
  • Same structural integrity rules apply.


  • On destruction, a larger hole is opened within a exiles base.

In theory, reduces computer resources needed for an exile or his neighbor to load a structure onto the map.

Also makes construction of a large structure less tedious.


Larger Set pieces over all. =3

3x3, 6x6, or 9x9 (thou crafting panel needs a checklist to hide some) Kinda sucks scroll thru corner roofs, and angle, stonebrick (when your on t3) etc.

Walls that 3long, (with different design be nice) THOU, go to big… I guess base easier to break down. XD

If possible, if a foundation is 2x2 instead of 1x1, they should have double penalty on stability as well.
Instead of attaching 4 ceilings to a 100 stability place, it would only support two. Or used pillars are equally bigger as well (using up a whole foundation).

Instead 2x2 walls and doors would be neat too. A door which would cover a full foundation on the ground and goes almost up to 1.2 foundations. I think lots of people might like such doors, but I might be wrong.

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