Why Foundations Why?

Why is it that normal foundation blocks cause 10x the lag of any other building block? It’s killing me. People making 50x70 builds that are 30% foundation blocks crashing my computer but I make Something 3x bigger with pillars and fence foundations and it loads in instantly with no problem.

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Because we cant have thrall armies for defence, so, like I said would happen…people build massive spam bases instead.

People can now have horses, but laggy bases again.

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People have always built spam bases. Thrall cap had nothing to do with it. Its not enforced on officials yet anyway.


I think the OP wasn’t asking why people spam foundations, but why foundations are so much more taxing on cpu/network than other types of buildings…


I always question this position that foundations are causing lag that badly and people blindly believing its not their own computer setup or connection to the game.

We have an extremely large base outside of new Asgard that stretches from the lake back to where the mammoths spawn in front of it. The main part holds 5 greater wheels of pain and 4 full temples inside the building along with about 30 dancers and 25 craft stations plus other thralls.

No one in our clan comprising 10 members gets lagged by the base size there. Their systems seem to be able to cope with all the foundations. - unless there is bug that prevents rendering which we did encounter a few months back.

We have other people who say we are lagging them with the base to which we reply it does not lag us and others we know of.

The only thing we can conclude is the game load on these players systems is such that their computer setup is challenged to meet game requirements.

Since non of us from all parts of the world in the clan and some others do not have a problem with the base lagging them.

I don’t think funcom can be held to blame for some poeple’s welfare computer builds.


On the one hand, the issue is definitely client-side lag. It’s not server-side, because the server doesn’t have to simulate building pieces at all, unless there’s a player and/or AI interacting with those pieces in some way.

On the other hand, there is a difference between certain building pieces. I’ve noticed that, for whatever reason, black ice pieces are more costly to render, even on my machine that can take a lot of punishment. An ex-clanmate reported being lagged by an arena I had built in black ice. He stopped having those problems when I rebuilt it using arena DLC pieces.

FWIW, this is the first time I’ve ever seen someone complain about foundations vs. other pieces.

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In my experience, building parts cause no lag at all, while placeables and thralls produce tons of it.

I don’t have this issue, thousands of foundations load virtually instantly when they come into draw distance. Try verifying your files and make sure you have the latest graphics drivers.

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I started playing on a private server and was surprised to hear that foundations seemed to take up more memory than building with other pieces. The admins ended up rebuilding all their structures to reduce the memory consumption. They removed some entirely. One in particular was, if I had to estimate, around 20x30 floor with walls around 10 high at the tower peaks. It was an arena, so that general shape. Removing that alone reduced server memory consumption by about 1GB.

The building aspect that seemed to have the largest (or just as large as the active thralls) impact on people’s experience was lighting. Even if there wasn’t a dance party going on inside, if the place was heavy on the lights it was cause lag for people while that rendered.


It’s their graphic card. My PC is 5 years old but still rather powerful (32 GB RAM, pro-version of Win 10 etc.). I couldn’t afford a decent graphic card in 2014. Then this “gold bitcoin fever” came and I had to use built-in Intel GPU for several years because good new graphic cards became too expensive for me. I played with high detail everywhere except North and especially Tundra; fogs and snow caused lags even in SP, and large bases on servers literally made a slideshow of my game. In December 2019 I’ve bought Nvidia Geforce 1660 (at last!) and forgot about any lags caused by weather or buildings.


Things with an animation are the worst, Decorations are second, Building parts is third. I’m focusing on the foundations. Try it. Make a 30X40 with all blocks and then make one with minimum blocks using ceiling tiles to make up the floor space.

One section of our base has over 170 foundation blocks since we had to create a level area to build. We have well over that amount in floors and defense walls ringing the base. No lag.

give you an idea of how many thralls we have and how high te bease is here it is rendering once when I managed to grab a shot of it coming into view. It no longer does this it shows and a full base when we come to it.

This is the part that has over 170 foundations in it.

And I am saying we get no lag when playing.

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Not just stability. Foundation blocks are also responsible for land claim, which dictates where stuff can and cannot spawn. Last time I looked into this, which was quite some time ago, the lag basically came down to the fact that calculations had to be made with regard to that for each and every individual block.

That really adds up when you consider people who build high walls around their base consisting entirely of foundation blocks.


Yes like others have said foundations, as the name implies, are the actual building blocks of the game, all other building pieces are essentially add on pieces. This is why you have to start with the foundation in order to snap other pieces onto. It is the foundation piece that holds the calculations for stability, creates snapable areas for the other building pieces and as described above, establishes land claim and resource spawn denial.

So it would make complete sense that foundations are the culprits of the lag as there is a lot more going on behind their coding than for the other structure pieces. It is similiar for why thralls are even more taxing, they have a whole set of calculations and animations and syncing. The more complex an asset in a game the more taxing it is on the resources utilised to run said game, that is kind of how game design works, you trade off complexities of different assets and game aspects in order to negotiate a stable resource utilisation, this is why developers often have to take shortcuts in order to make a game stable. It’s just how things are… atleast until we start using quantum computers which will unlock a whole new level of algorithmic calculation capacity. Possibly that is also when sky net will finally come to say hello to humanity.

… not gonna happen for video games in our lifetime though… and people would still whinge about the rng… they’d think their spins are stale or something…

tldr fence foundations ftw

It will either be Skynet or ice cream.

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