Foundation lag still exist?

Hello, does anyone know if the foundation lag is still present in the game, or was it fixed? Asking because we have a building workaround in place and modded out all foundations, but it might be an outdated workaround that might be not necessary anymore. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

My opinion… I don’t notice it. Lots of thralls and building pieces, whatever they may be = lag.
I tried using fence foundations and ceilings (almost lost the habit of placing foundations unless strictly necessary) but noticed no difference. I’ve read that fishing traps are also a cause for lag, but never noticed it myself. But I seek a t4 alchemist asap to get a lot of oil fast. Fishing farms are just not my thing. Too much trouble managing.

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Foundations, Fence Foundations, and Pillars all have a 1 to 1 to 1 impact on server performance. This means 5 pillars has the same impact as 5 foundations, which have the same impact as 5 fence foundations.

There is a 5 year old myth about regular foundations having some sort of ‘script’ or function. But this was a myth (potentially caused by a bug, but it if was it was only for an extremely short time during Conan’s beta, ands one I never personally noticed), that has absolutely no bearing on today.

If you are building 4 fence foundations to replace a single foundation, understand this has the same impact as 4 foundations. If you are using a pillar and four walls, then it roughly has the same impact as 4 foundations.

Foundations, Fence Foundations, and Pillars only have a slightly more impact than walls, roofs, fences, ect because they exert landclaim. But the difference is negligible. You’re better of counting the total amount of building pieces (all forms of foundations, pillars, walls, roofs, fences, windows, doorways, gates, etc).

By modding out foundations, you are actually causing more issues than fixing (as in fixing none, unfortunately). The best way of dealing with building based server lag is limiting how much pieces players are using, and this is going to be determined by how many players you effectively want to have. If its a small server among friends (about less than 10) then you effectively have no real functional limit.


Lets break it down to basics. Building blocks in the game are mainly



attach points

data stored fornthe object (decay, hp, name etc)


Meshes impact .db by how many polygons it is made of.

Textures impact based on how much resolution (512x512 image,<2048x2048 image)

attach points impact by how much instant math it has to do when connected with something else

data impacts by how much of it is static or constantly changing.

So to find out the real answer, ine would have to pull thatbfor each building piece. My guess is it is not much different for most of pillars foundations.

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Foundations have 6 faces, so 3x more attach points than pilars BUT pillars don’t replace foundations. They need a ceiling (that basically has the same attach points). If to that we add textures, one would expect more lag, not less, so the “lag through foundations” hypothesis seems crap. Replacing foundations for fence foundations, pillars and ceilings should make things worse. What I can confirm is that it surely doesn’t make them better. If we build big and have a lot of thralls, we start lagging, as expected.
However, according to what you said about data, fishing traps are always doing math to replace bait for fish, so maybe this hypothesis holds some water, even if my experience tells me otherwise.
I have no idea on how meshes work. :pensive:

This has some truth. If i remeber, a dev stream talked about it. It was part, not all, if the reason. It was a passive farming method that was counter to what theybwanted fish to be.

i forgot lighting code for those that produce it. They have large impacts because of rendering shadows etc.

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I’m glad I’m not a big fan of them, then! :blush:

Thanks all for your input!

(remains undecided :D)

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You can be sure that foundations won’t cause you more lag. Haven’t you read? :laughing:

I am afraid that some of the meshes and textures from the mods included could be high quality…So that’s why I am still hesitant.

Sort of, but it’s more complicated than that. If there are no players nearby, they don’t. They’ll do the “catch up” calculation when a player comes near enough to activate them.

You can read more on the AI LOD wiki page.

Ah, mods… angels and devils. When I played fallout 4, we had mods on console and it was awesome. But I can’t count the number of times I completely wrecked the game because of them. Good times!
I hope one day I get mods for Conan on ps5, but Sony is a very tough nut to crack when it comes to mods. Mods can only use in game assets, for instance. I almost left PS because of it. The only advantage of mod free gaming is stability, but I would throw a party the day Conan mods became available on PS5! :laughing:

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