Server performance and foundations?

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We have had a Conan Exiles server for a long time now. People tell each other, I would say “stories”, that it would be easier on the server performance if you build without foundations and with fence foundations.

I wanted to ask if there’s something to it or if it’s just nonsense?

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As long as it’s not excessive building, both should be okay. There isn’t a set opinion about which one is better for server performance as it all depends on the amount of the pieces, the location, the overall server performance, etc. We suggest you keep building however you like and see how it works out for you.


Nonsense that refuses to die


A single foundation, single fence foundation, and a single pillar all contribute to the exact same load on a server. They all shoot stability upwards in the same manner. They also exert landclaim in the exact same radius.

The only difference between them is the amount of GPU resources they use on client, and this differs from piece to piece because of style. This difference is also extremely minute and negligible when compared to each type.

As Pliskin said, it is the amount of pieces in general. 10 pieces are 10x more than 1 piece, and 100 pieces are 10x more 10 pieces, and so forth.


Welcome to the Forum. I have had a ps4 server since 2018 and seen some crazy builds that didn’t cause issues smaller that have. Played on several private servers were owners had various opinions on what causes issues I agree with the others do what you want and find out what works for you after all you can pick up the pieces now.

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hi thanks for the replies!

But now I still have a question, how is that to be understood if you don’t build too much. Well, we’re a role-playing server and just build medium-sized villages. for about 4-8 players. Everyone has their own normal-sized house. Everyone has a job with a small workshop. Should we then use fence foundations or simple foundations for the villages?

I understand that with the GPU but with a fence foundation I always need 1 fence foundation with corners even 2 and a ceiling which makes a total of 3 structures. Where I only need 1 for a foundation.

yes we have considered allowing the foundations again if it might also bring us performance advantages :slight_smile:


Either, they affect performance pretty much equally. You can simply use what looks good.

If you are just 4-8 players then there isn’t really an effective limit. The reason bigger servers tend to have limits and guidelines is because they have an orders of magnitude more players. With a handful of players you can’t really hit those upper limits.

Well you -could- hit those limits by giving everyone admin building privileges and they go ham, but not through normal play.


1 foundation or

4 fence foundations a ceiling or 1 pillar 1 ceiling and walls or fence foundations…

It never made any sense to me, why would adding more pieces lower lagg?
The only times I experience lag is when there a lot of players online at the same time, buildings never ever lag for me, some huge builds only lower the fps, which isn’t all that bad…


All the above exiles and moderators gave you what you need.
I will add my personal experience and a small tip.
Tip first, do at least one daily restart, if you organize 2 it’s better. This comes from @Taemien s knowledge of things, not mine.
I always build without exploits, yet after some time no matter what I lag a bit. It is this time that I have too many candles, decorative and chests filled with thousands of different stacks of items that I almost never use. But especially the candles, I was always placing a lot, a lot :rofl:.
Then again the weapon racks, I was placing a lot of weapon racks in the house, walls filled with decades of weapons tools etc…
This was the way I was causing lags and floats in my house, especially in the beginning of each day. Now I don’t decorate a lot, I don’t fill chests with thousands, I don’t place candles and I play 100 times better. Cheers.

Please consider again that this is my personal experience, not valid information for how things works on the game. I just said what I observed, I have no knowledge of the gaming program etc…


Everything increases performance but varies depending if you have different objects such as fence,foundation, pictures, different light fixtures.

It all depends on how many object varies and the number of object.

There less lag if you use the same object vs using multiple different objects.

This not including hardware on client or server side.

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Help me understand a bit if you may…
If I decide to build a floor with different dlc foundations or vanilla, just to make a different visual game in my floor I cause performance issues?

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I believe it is not as bad as doing other objects but they do require different texture to render in. I am assuming they use the same object but different texture on top. Which in turn will require more memory.

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It would be nice if @Pliskin had an exact answer for this. I do like mixing dlcs on my builds the mix and match is always wonderful, I wouldn’t like to change this habit if necessary. Thanks @Outcast3rd for bringing this up, it’s very important for me at least, because I always mix and match on my builds.


Well if u build like maniac with sandstone foundations like 45 blocks high and on whole grid then sure it will impact performance… we had one guy on server who builded sandstone foundation ‘‘wall’’ on 3 grids - each time when u went anywhere near it either crashed or fps dropped from 57 to 10…

So by my own exp i think i can say that all is good until u not starting to build as selfish maniac because everything that is too much is too much, u can build roofs and wall or anything buildable but if u build it on all map sure it will cause performance just to render all stuff in :smiley:

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