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Hey all,
Im building a horse race track. I my issue I just found out is the wooden fences all have different timers. Any ideas how I can get them to keep the same timer?

either place em all on foundations, or make a rough outline on foundations, level em at the same height as u wish , then attach fence foundations on them and dismantle foundations . u will then have a more solid outer fence structure with increased durability and timmer :wink:

Didn’t even think about the fence foundation technique.

Normal foundations would look clunky and just not right with the different land heights. Thanks im gonna try it out.

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Your time will depend one how close they are to your main base. Dropping a foundation will not help much. Run a line of foundations to your fence line, establishing the fence/fence foundations and remove the foundations. As far as the server is concerned, those are now connected to your main base and share the same timer.

Yep that worked. everything I build is in some shape or formed connected to my main base so this worked out perfectly.

Getting the different heights of the land was a bit of an issue since you cant adjust a foundation once its snapped to another piece but my over all issue of timers has been resolved. thank for the help guys.

For aesthetics, you can put a pillar post every so often, about 3 high and then connect to maybe some T3 spectator stands to buff the timer to max.

u can alter the height of fence foundations w regular foundations ;]

even though its closed had some great tips on how to gain slow height with foundations… try this and then attach fences on the side. may help with ground declination and inclination :wink:

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