Why is this not getting a full decay timer?


This thing has it’s own foundation, and is right beside a stable I just built for horses. The Stables have the max decay timer on it. The Reinforced Animal Pen has 23 hours. Something is seriously wrong here. You should not have to put something on foundations, when it already has a foundation. It looks absurd, and I have also read where people have a lot of problems with putting them on foundations, not the least of which is actually lining it up on the foundations properly. I also don’t want it absurdly elevated off the ground.

But it appears I am going to have to demolish this, and set it on foundations. What is the smallest amount of T3 foundations I can set it on, and get the full timer? I do not want to create a full 8x9 foundation for it. Might not even be able to do that.

I think I am going to go back to a modded ARK or Atlas server. Building there was actually fun. This game has way too many frustrations associated with building.

There is only about 2 blocks between the two structures. I thought that would be close enough for it to get the same timer as the stables.

I also noticed something in that the timer is fluctuating. It was 24 hours, then went up to 38. Then it went to 39 hours. Was almost at 40, but then went back to 38. Not sure why it is doing that.

Private server? What is your land claim setting at?

Official PvE-C.

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