Fence foundation rework suggestion

Fence foundations connect strangely. I would like to connect them to the corners with the option of choosing angles. (So ​​you can use all fences like the wooden fence is used).

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There 2 snappoints on a foundation.
Aim at the top of a foundation if you want to attach a fence foundation and bring it up higher if you don’t want to use the lower snap point.

These 2 snappoints are a requirement in creative building. Same as the half snappoint on stairs.
The arrow in next 2.5 update will help you with the fence foundation facing (back or front).

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I vant to be able to angle it in more vays then just 180 and 90 degree.

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any of the fence foundations that r different in each side? it is the only building piece that looks exactly the same on both ends… :wink: arrow there is purelly cosmetic! :stuck_out_tongue:

Not totally true , some fence foundations have a slightly difference from side to side , the only one that I found completely identical is the stable fence foundation . Check it again :wink:


will do , but i am pretty sure :stuck_out_tongue:

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You can also angle it at 60° and 120°. Place the first fence foundation, then place one or two T1 wedge foundations (one for 60°, two for 120°), then attach the second fence foundation to the wedge foundation, and then demolish the T1 helpers you used.

Similarly, you can angle it at 150°, by using a combination of one T1 foundation and one T1 wedge foundation.

“Scaffolding” with T1 pieces is an essential technique when building in Conan Exiles.

Other arbitrary angles would not be useful, since building in Conan Exiles is already constrained to linear combinations of 90° and 60°.

Off the top of my head, Argossean and Stormglass. Not sure if there are any others.


Insulated Wood and flotsam as well


ty!!! my brain was stuck in the “there is no difference” (probably due to black ice fence foundations) !! but all 3 of u r right (@stelagel , @CodeMage and @Nord-Oskilgetinn )!!

so ty for returning me to reality!!! :))


This is wath i mean w angles…

Just going to ask to be clear you are looking to put in between the 2 fence foundation shown in the picture or the ability to rotate at a lower degree instead of the 90° now?

Yeah, one little thing with the brick and sandstone foundations you can get a gap if not faced the same way as the one next to it.

Flotsam, black-ice and frontier are also different each side :slight_smile:

  • Flotsam the top extensions
  • Black-Ice the spikes (same as for reinforced stone)
  • Frontier the wooden plating

I want / suggest that all green lines should be fence foundations that connects with each other.

Rotate maby is a bettre word for it?

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Builders freaking details :joy::joy::joy::joy: . The most annoying bugs in these fences exists from day one , especially when you already placed the foundations and you want to dress them with fence foundations . l never leave the sandstone foundations without dressing them with fence foundations , no matter if I have to farm an hour more , they seem naked to me :joy::joy::joy: , Yet the Argosean foundations are awesome looking , they are the only ones I leave them this way .

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You cannot do that with any piece in the game, as far as I know. When you’re trying to place a piece that can be snapped to another piece, the game constrains you to a limited set of snapping points and orientations.

So basically, what you’re asking for has nothing to do with fence foundations. You want the option to turn off snapping. Sounds reasonable.

not turn it off, give more snapping angles.

I think he want be able to snap it at other angle beside the vertical and horizon that we have
l _ /
l l l (it the best I can do without drawing)
Something Like this I guess.

Yes, I get it, but it’s like I said, no other piece supports that. That’s not what the rotation button does when you’re in snapping mode.

The workaround is to use scaffolding for angles other than 90° and 180°. The suggestion Funcom might implement is to allow us to toggle snapping, but there’s absolutely no sense in implementing weird, arbitrary rotation logic for one specific piece.

I have try it out with the wedge foundation and foundation was worry there would be gap in between the ceiling when place on top of fence foundation but it work fine.


@BrutusWhitefang ,Exactly , still what @vagnartheviking is asking is to work like the simple wooden fence operation , but on this case the fence foundations wouldn’t attach and this would create a building chaos . What the poster is asking has a point however , sometimes you want to fix a perimeter of your land claim that it is not so square to fix a village for example . In this case you find problems closing the area because you end up not to be able to attach the walls so you need to leave a gap that cannot be fenced . To this point is where the palisades work from outside and the simple wooden fences from inside , this is the only solution I found so far .
On the example below the wall perimeter is with foundations , but since fence foundations can be attached to foundations you 'll get my point

This is an effort putting a wall perimeter in a village , but I didn’t follow a square pattern or any pattern , I just follow the logic of the landscape . For exactly these reasons I had to leave a gap

This gap cannot be attached and you can see why in the next photo

So as I said above to protect the village from raids I placed palisades outside

And wooden fences inside to prevent my thralls or pets have contact with the palisades .

Now , if I had the ability to put fence foundations like the simple wooden fences , maybe I could close any gap and give any shape to my fence walls but without foundations attached anymore . I think that’s the posters idea … I think :joy::joy::joy: