Foundation stacking & performance issues true or false


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From quick research I know that people have very different opinions on the matter and I am not trying to create a debate.
I would like to request your assistance today to be pointed toward official Funcom/Dev sources and posts (or recent concrete test results) on whether or not square/triangle foundation stacking generate performance issues or lag or have any negative impact on private servers.

I know this used to be an issue a while back, I remember seeing a video of someone testing server load and such with and without stacking and this was actually a problem. However recently a couple of my contacts are saying that this issue is now completely resolved and it won’t impact the server at all. Using a foundation piece or a wall have the same load etc etc.

As I said before I’m looking for something (recent if possible) comming from Funcom or someone of Funcom so that we can know if it is ok to lift fondation rules on our server.

Thanks for your time and help :wink:

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It’s false, and been false since at least 2018. No I don’t have a “Funcom post” to point to. Don’t need one. As you said, people have strong beliefs about this, and I’ve “weighed” into these debaters more times then I can count trying to explain why it’s just hearsay.

What I have not seen is ANY EVIDENCE what-so-ever that supports player claims that Foundations cause more lag then plopping down 5 buildings in it’s place. All I’m going to say on the matter, people tend to ignore me anyways on this particular subject.


@Multigun , The only time I see problems , speaking ofcurce from console side that doesn’t has the pc performance ofcurce , is …
1 . Low internet connection
2 . placeables and decoratives .
3 . Maximum number of pets and thralls in a really small base , what I mean by this is 60 and more in a grid of 20x20 foundations .

Most of these problems however were spotted in official servers , in the private servers I participated the problems are very minimised . If I remember correctly once @Taemien mention something about the age of the server can effect the performance of the game , still my knowledge is simply gaming observations , without knowledge of how things work :wink: .

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I never quiet understood why foundations were supposed to lower the performance more than any other placeable object. Sure, I can understand that torches and other lightsources might lower the performance more due to having the fire particle effect going on (fire, smoke and being an additional light source that casts shadows) but a I fail to see the difference between a foundation, ceiling piece or a pillar.

I personally only play single player and tested it out a few times, I built a huge box (the top being open), one time purely made out of foundations, the other time made out of pillars and ceiling pieces. While I noticed a performance hit I didn’t notice any performance difference between both scenarios. On my system both of the structures reduced the performance by roughly 20 FPS (I don’t know anymore how big it was, my computer is also not that great).

I think most performance issues are related to the computer able to process the load. I seen on 1941 (official server) with a enormous build of foundations and more, with only lag (only placing the pieces) at their main base area (walls were at least 12 blocks tall of sandstone foundations if I recall, that went around New Asagarth (4 block zone) plus the interior filled with roads and their base. This was in 2019 (no longer around now).

I was able to maneuver in that area with any issues.

I have a fairly large city (built x3 times now in different ways at the same location) where I can move around with no problem (granted my frame rates will go down to 30 at times in the current city version - built with various mods and at least 1k placeables) but others stated they lag like crazy that they could not visit. (And that was before I expanded the city to what it is now).

So I think its a combo of GPU and CPU that has a major effect on how well you can play games like this. I have a I7-6700K with 1080 GTX, with top graphic settings (medium shadows though) and able to play just fine.

I always suggest lowering shadows graphics since its less important to playing. I put on medium since there was some weird shimmer on low at times.

I recall at one time Funcom stated placeables were an issue, so that was the reason they did not add placeables in DLCs for a period of time. This is before the optimization they did 2 years ago. Placeables may still be an issue since each different placeable is a different graphic, versus a foundation will be the same for the entire area that you use the same piece.

False… only people that dont understand how a video game works claim that mass foundation spam lags the server… But a ginormous beautifully built base the size of texas does no lag what soever… :man_shrugging:

It is true the more things that need to render into view may or may not “lag” you. If I took a 20x20 piece of land and filled it will foundations 20 high. then took the same land and filled it with walls and full chests and just a bunch of random stuff. The latter will be giving you more of a performance issue just because its more to render.

I roll my eyes everytime I see someone post that foundations cause server lag. No its the servers cant handle the basic building functions of this game.


Foundations exert landclaim that prevents other players from building within a set distance (determine by server settings). However that is IT. Nothing else.

Foundations, Pillars, and Fence Foundations do this EQUALLY. So you are 100% correct there.

Which is ironic because there are servers that say to use pillars and walls to simulate foundations if you have to stack for whatever reason. A pillar surrounded by walls does more to performance than a single foundation piece per level.

With that said. 100 foundations in an area without being connected to each other will cause more server processes when someone is in the area than a 10x10 foundation square. Because it is 100 claims vs 1. But 100 foundations like that would cause way more of a server hit then a 10x10x10 (1000 foundations) cube.





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wut do u mean i can’t play on pentium 2 5400rpm hdd radeon hd 5000 gpu 4.7gb ram?

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It’s all in the land claim calculations. Place a foundation block and the server runs a calculation to get the area around it where nothing is supposed to spawn and nobody outside your clan can build. Each block means another calculation. 100 blocks mean 100 calculations. That’s necessary for a big string of blocks because your land claim is stretched out across the land. But if you stack foundations, you’re essentially running a bunch of extra calculations for an area that just goes straight up in the air. All those unnecessary calculations means extra unnecessary server load and thus more lag.

That’s the general idea anyway, and there is or was some truth to it. Funcom did something a while back to alleviate this issue though, so I’m not sure how much of an issue it actually is at this point.

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Computer calculations are measured in clock speed, as in megahertz (MHz) or gigahertz (GHz) of the CPU. So if the server has an older Xeon core than there will be issues. Welcome to G-Portal.

Also - not sure this a Gportal setting or game setting but this could play into the issue.


The tickrate is how many packets per second the server sends to the client to update the game.
Basically the refresh rate of the client.
The reason it is set at 60 is because your average monitor is set at 60 Hz.

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If the server hardware can handle a higher tickrate, 64 is a good number because at 64 it will allow a buffer zone of 4 so that generally, unless something wacky happens, the server will always be running between 60-64.

The vanilla setting is 30 and there is really only one reason to use a lower rate. The server hardware is not good enough. Also, the more players and higher the rate, the more demanding it will be on the hardware.

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60tickrate is what most FPS will function at (including Overwatch and CS:GO). If it goes below 30, you start seeing alot of kill trading. Planetside 2 runs at 60 as well, and it was reported by a Daybreak dev that they saw its server dip to 3-5 during the World Record (1100+ players on a single FPS server) event.

However 30 isn’t a problem (so long as its stable) for Conan Exiles because we don’t have 600-800rpm weapons firing at each other. I’ve personally not seen much difference in 30 or 60 on decent server hardware.

When it drops below 20 is when you start seeing issues, but the game is entirely playable, even in PVP. When it goes below 15 is when it starts seeming like you’re being hit by phantom attacks (in PVP). Below 10 is when you see it in PVE. Below 5 starts making combat a chore and nearly unplayable.

Like pings however, even higher (40+) tickrates can get wonky if unstable. If for example it goes between 35-55 dropping and rising over and over, you can see issues. Same as if you had under 100ms ping and it fluctuates compared to a stable 200ms ping.

You want stable numbers over high (or low in latency’s case) for the best experience.


This weekend I will count some foundations. On my private ps4 server I have a building surrounding the waterfall under the land bridge below black pirate ship. It goes above land bridge all madewithfoundations. Only issue there is flying above stairs occasionally and I can get that on a 2 story building.