Does Foundation stacking cause more lag than pillar ceiling combo?

Joined a private server but they had a rule that I had never heard being an issue, and that is not letting you stack foundations more than 1 high. They said that foundation stacking causes more lag than using pillars with a ceiling on top. It was the first time I have ever heard of that being the case. Does anyone have proof that stacking foundations causes lag or is it just hearsay?

It’s a sorta complicated answer. Yes, and no.

Foundation stacking was definitely much harsher prior to the building optimizations (completed Feb-March 2019, somewhere in there). A lot of players have continued to hold onto the belief that all foundations are bad since that time, regardless of it no longer being the same. Some server owners I know will insist on having absolutely no foundations to this day. And hey, if it works for their server, there’s no real harm on the rules to have it that way (other than making the players have to work around those limitations). But is it going to be harmful to the server to have 10 foundations to make a cool staircase? No, it isn’t.

But where it still comes into play is if you say, stack 500 foundations all in neat rows in order to have a even ground. It would cut down on the server and client performance instead to replace those 500 foundations, with a mix of walls, pillars, and ceilings. The number of instances would be less than if somebody just spammed 500 foundations, thus helping performance.


Sometimes rumors are stronger than reality :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Still it is a private server, the owner pays real money so you can have fun in his server. If this is his will, so be it. If you like the server, stay and play, if you don’t thank him and leave. Once i remember in a private server, the admin had a rule about emptying the chests and throw down what we don’t need from them. I personally check in different servers and offline. Chests were having no issues if you act differently, still that was his wish and i had to respect it.

Server admins forcing you to empty chest of items “you don’t need”?!?! Wow that is insane and over the top draconian. Damned near every item in the game has a use.

Stacking foundations causes more lag than stacking pillars with ceilings? Sounds like rubbish.

Also you need to stack foundations if you want to have layered anticlimb.

This is it . Take it or leave it . Do know that the greatest punishment for an admin is an empty server


About the anticlmb there is another way. You know on official pvp servers they use massive numbers of glowing torches hidden behind walls that you get frostbite in the middle of your climb effort. But this cause greater lags. Pvp in this game has to many issues yet. If you go official you will found alpha and undermash builds. If you go private, you will find weird rules. It is difficult to play decent pvp in this game. All i’ ll suggest you is to found friends and play thiq game together. Your gaming experience has to produce above all fun. Good luck my friend :+1:

The only difference in the devkit between foundations, fence foundations, and pillars is their model, texture, and connection points.

What they do on the server side of things is IDENTICAL.

The idea that foundations cause lag is an old, VERY old myth from early access. There MIGHT have been a single patch cycle where there was a script with foundations. But if there was, it was removed months before release.

The only reason a server should consider foundation stack limits is for PVP purposes. Or in some cases to keep the amount of farming down. But not because of lag.

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