Question about base sizes and reporting?

So as a recently me and a good friend of mine have started playing Conan Exiles again. This friend has a passion for building large bases. Now I personally have tried to convince them that we should play offline so they can build to their hearts content with no worries. But he likes to interact with a lot of the other people on our server and our server is amazing. But as a recently he’s been going a bit extreme with the building building a large bridges and large barriers around the base with open gates.

I have been doing research trying to figure out what is the ideal size for a good large base that doesn’t equal a massive base. But looking at the discussions I realized a lot of people will report someone very quickly on this game for a large bases. Now I have made sure to tell him that we cannot block any resources with our bases and that anyone should be able to easily get through most of the areas except for the interbass itself. I even have made sure that we’re not placing down too many resources or placeable items. Because I don’t want to take up a large portion of memory on the server.

But today seeing just how far he built outwards away from our base to enclose it I feel like we’re now tethering on a dangerous amount of land claim.

So I have come to three conclusions one have them removed additional stuff he built. Because I do not want all the things that I personally made in all the resources that we have gathered to be destroyed because someone actually reports it.

Two maybe try to get a private server, I know you can actually get your own server and I kind of want to make a server for builders to come to so people don’t have to worry about that but I’m not sure the process of how to do that. I do have some money put up to the side just in case because I do love playing this game but I do want to be able to play it and not have to worry too much about people reporting us because we’re just building and enjoying the game.

Or three, try to get home to play a single player version of the game with co-op activated. But I’m not sure how many people can play at once it might only be two if I’m not mistaken and we do have a larger clan. I honestly just want anyone’s opinion on what’s the best step to take here? I have no problem with the rules and that’s why I’m asking I need a more definitive definitions of the rules so I know how to do them and follow them without getting reported. As we do have large bases and even towns within our server. With boats and docks and houses built that look like small towns in villages ranging from small to large.

I’m not sure how much is too much but I feel that if
it become a problem it may just be better to make a choice now before we get too far into the game again.


I would like to include the picture with this so you can see how big the base is currently but I am very afraid that someone may report us if they recognize the base. Because I realize people are reporting people for smaller bases on some servers and that is quite scary. Especially since they remove everything rather than just telling you to make your base smaller at times.

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It’s not so much the size of the base that counts but the impact it has on the environment. placing torches far from the base under the pretext of lighting an area or a path, building large walls that block the passage or bridges/roads, setting up purely decorative structures without any use: all of this is punishable.
if you wanted to avoid a postponement accompanied by a ban, then you have to clean up the unnecessary surplus.
if you like to build in group the simplest solution and to play in private server.


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If you have a large clan then Co-op is not an option, as you rightly mentioned, it is only playable by two people at a time, and you have to deal with tethering. I personally think getting your own server is the best option. You can either rent one (fairly cheap) or host one on a spare laptop (for free). I have hosted several servers on my own hardware for years now and basically treat it like a glorified single player, but one that I can invite friends to join me on from time to time. :grinning:

It’s actually not limited to just two. I’ve played with like 4 or 5 friends at once. However, yes, the tether is a problem.

I’d say the private server is probably the best route. It’s a bit pricy though, so it’s not my cup of tea.


so ive been banned many times for landclaim, none of them broke any rules, i made sure to follow the rules stated above, the thing is how much until i get banned etc… you can build and build and build… if no one reports you you are fine, the moment you get reported, its ggs, doesnt matter if you follow rules or not, sorry but this is the state of funcom

I’ve never seen land claim reports enacted by funcom UNLESS you built too much or had some sorta violation like decorative land claim (bridges, braziers, etc.). You sure you “never did anything wrong?” I was reported and wiped. I never got feedback as to why, but I had a good sized base with both braziers and a bridge. So yeah, I admit I violated rules.


The general rule most smart admins will have is they would rather have you build up than out. If you tried to land claim as much as I think you are on my server you’d be warned to make it much smaller or you’d get kicked and I’d clear the area. Don’t forget, others play on the server.

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Get a private server to start with. You will see how the server behaves , respawns and where resources are.

Recommend you stay compact on officials. Its what i do. One or two people dont need alot of space and shouldnt be building huge monolith structures. Bigger 10 man clans can justify that since more people, more space needed.

You will only get player answers here regarding land claim, not 100% Funcom approved clear truth.

Funcom has patently refused to give more clarification beyond the ToC itself and the land claim post by Umborls.

I’m with others, build reasonably on officials. It does reduce the likelihood of action based on reports. HOWEVER, if someone wants you gone there’s no stopping the lengths that some go to ensure your removal based on this faulty system.

Going the private server route is a great option. Temper your expectations with gaining population though. The market for private servers is very saturated.

Here’s the thing…
There is no “size limit” (at least one that is disclosed to us), however in my experience an overwhelming majority of people who “think” they build small… still build pretty massive so if you’re already noticing that the base is getting too big, there’s a chance it’s even bigger :slight_smile:

You mentioned a couple of things there that would pretty much get you instantly banned regardless of size or any other factors. Those are bridges for example (Funcom is allergic to them) and walls that extend more than a few foundations from your main base - essentially walling off an area of land.

Aside from this, from what we can gather their main approach is deciding whether a building actually has function from a minimalistic point of view (eg: the player NEEDS it and not just WANTS it. as an example if you have a separate building just so your blacksmith thrall can “have a house” that counts as decorative landclaim abuse)

So it’s not about size, but more like purpose. They want as many people to fit on an official server as possible and they want each individual to take up as little physical space as possible. Building giant cathedrals and castles for artistic purposes is simply not something that’s compatible with official servers.

I think that pretty much sums it up and can give you an idea of what to expect.

Personally I’d recommend just renting a private server or if one of you has good internet and a fast PC they could download the free dedicated server app and host it themselves. Obviously that works for a handful of people, but the more players you have the more the hardware requirements go up so you might want to consider the rented option if you have more than a few players in mind.

The upside of a server compared to single player / co-op is that for one, you don’t have a tether at all, but also once you disconnect the server can keep running so crafting stations that had things queued up in them can process them overnight / thralls can continue taming in the wheel etc. on top of it the game also seems to be more stable on a dedicated server (less of NPCs falling underground and other weird physics issues)

And last but not least… (and I’m biased here :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ) a private server allows for the use of mods… like the ones I make :stuck_out_tongue: or many other mods including new building sets and decorations etc.

Hopefully that gives you a rough idea
Whichever option you might end up picking, good luck with it! :slight_smile:


With your own private server like we have you can build as large or as small as you like. The sky is the limit. So go for it.

we get it, you are ‘innocent’.

Ya, I was once.

My personal advice is, dont go huge, dont scather things around, build on a low traffic area as far as you can from POI’s.

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