Base Sizes Blocked Places & Lag

Please Funcom can you sort out the Conan Exile Servers you need to limit the size of bases i have been playing on a official server 1035 PVE conflict eu only to find that some clan have build a base that takes up C10 C11 B11 B12 & A11 a base that is fare to big and blocked people form Exploring all the map and getting to things thay wont. cant it be we can only build something with something like 200 pieces or we get a land plot to build on and that plot can be a certain size and you an do out of the boundaries it will also help with the lag on all the servers cos you get alot of lag when you are near the very big bases. also the purges are not working properly.


OMG and I thought our base was big taking up roughly 1/3 of a map tile :rofl:

I agree that there needs to be some kind of build/landclaim limit so we can avoid situations like yours but also the sandstone foundation spam you see on many servers to prevent spawns and people from building a home in many areas.
I don’t think forcing building limits is the best way to go, so maybe a tax system(gold coins) based on landclaim and/or building size could be a way to go, perhaps giving each player 1 landclaim flag with a taxfree radius, so new players won’t be forced to gather gold, but I agree it is destroying much of the fun playing on official servers :slight_smile:

All we need is another limitation. Nope…

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You knew this before you bought the game… offcourse you will get resistance :stuck_out_tongue:

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