Foundation stability bug (PC)

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [EU]

[Foundation stability bug, lost foundations after server restart.

I lost only twelve foundaton, but this should have been zero in my opinion.

As shown above, foundations on ground level has 100 stability.

If we move +1 up, we get 0 stability.

The affected area allready contains a lot of “working” foundations.

Same thing after i’ve rebuilded.]

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.remove affected foundation
2.rebuild it

Hey @Jhkaun

What an odd problem. Could you let us know the exact location where you’re getting that stability issue? (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L)
Thanks in advance.

On the other hand, a nice rug with spikes below it would be a good surprise for someone.


I hope the issue can be pinpointed and fixed; good luck !




I’ve hit this bug as well recently.
To fix, I had to remove the 100% stability foundation the bugged one rests on, then redo the whole stack. (I’ve also have had walls affected the same way). It’s a weird one.
The daily server reset seems to find the bugged foundations easily. I’ve logged in to see holes in the floors…


Hi, thanks for the reply, just got back home and one of the foundations that has this issue is located at:
TeleportPlayer -232234.484375 -157987.765625 601.311096

I will try this when i get enough foundations again, (farm, farm & farm) will let you know what happens.

So, after looking into what @KittKatt mention i noticed this:

Clearly it misses eleven foundations, tho, remember i removed one piece that lied at ground level that was at 100 stability to show the ground. Apparently this voided the effect of the bug and made that tile stable. So let’s test it to the lenght of the problem.

And result after i removed all the 100 stability on ground level and placed new ones on top.

Looking good, hopefully it will stay this way.

Thanks again for the replies and the solution @KittKatt, and @Ignasi, you got some work to delegate :wink:


Anytime! Watch your walls too!

I’ve been having to wait a day after every major foundation project to see what a daily reboot finds. I’d hate to loose a placed object or crafting station due to the error. If the build survives a reboot, your good to go onto the next step.

I was laying a ton of sandstone near the noob river Dregs area when I first encountered the bug. (Official pve-c server btw)


Still building and it is still bugging out :frowning:

The number of stability 0 foundations ever increasing.

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@Ignasi please look into this, can’t build in the current state the game is in. I build, stability goes to zero, demolish and rebuild, problem increases doublefold.


We’ll relay the information to our team @Jhkaun. Thanks for the additional details .

Hi again @Ignasi, good to hear the team is on it, any chance you could bring forth ye old whip as i fear my base will dissappear soon as i woke up to this today:

I’m not replacing all those unless you are providing me with the mats to do so.
edit. forgot to include this image:

Hey @Jhkaun

Unfortunately we cannot provide materials nor item refunds as Conan Exiles doesn’t have MMO-like support in game.
Apologies for the frustration.

Aye i never thought you would :slight_smile:
Tho there is no point in further building as it seems to spread the problem. Placing foundations over the current 100 stability ones:

resulted in:

So, we started with 12 infected foundations, now after replacing the faulty ones and down to ground level, resulted in, 82 infected foundations.
Just providing some feedback on the situation.

Is it only the black ice? Just curious… you may have stated something about what foundations you are using or have used but this could be where the issue in itself lies i haven’t had any issues myself but noticed some foundations missing from my buddies seperate base and his black-ice foundations had an issue with stability i assumed it to be mod related but since you’ve shown this it makes me wonder.

I have only been using black ice. no mods.
And it’s spreading even more.

Just posting a image of the two spots. makes me wonder if there is a upper limit to foundations in one base.

edit. The biggest spot is in the background.

I’ve had it happen with sandstone and aquilonian.
Ive been wondering if its the speed I initially lay them down in mass quantities. Usually I do it really fast. Maybe its too fast?

Since I can not build ingame I figured out i could just test stuff with the bugged sites.
So, I removed all the infected ones in the big spot, not going to do anything about this spot untill after server restart tomorrow.

On the small spot, I removed everything down to the ground and replaced everything with new foundations. Let’s see tomorrow what happens here.

To be continued…

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A little update as promised. After waiting for two whole days (server restarts) with everything demolished, i reconstructed everything. As for now it seems to have been resolved, at the point of my last login, all foundations at each level has normalized at stability 100.

Fingers crossed and hopefully for you guys, i will not be back spamming this thread regarding my insane build project. (but have no fear, i will, if this backfires…) edit… small typos i noticed…