BUILDING! How much can you scoff?!

Hello dear funcom.

Two years have passed. During these two years, you couldn’t even copy the block system, which is already ready in “Space Engineers”. You don’t need to invent anything new. Simply. Copy. System. Blocks.

How much more will you have to endure and puzzle over NORMAL buildings? How many square boxes to build? Or spend hundreds of hours building rebuilding houses, because YOU can’t even add such a simple block! So that players can smooth corners! It does not even need more calculations. There is no heavy load on the server.


With that, this block is already in the game. But only for the walls. For vertical structure.

One more question. Why is it still impossible to put on the floor (with stability 100, 80, 60, it doesn’t matter) foundation blocks? Speech on the triangular. PLEASE fix it! I can’t finish the building the way it should look because of it.

P.S. I apologize for caps, boiling.

Для русских

Здравствуйте дорогой фанком.

Прошло два года. За эти два года, вы не смогли даже скопировать систему блоков, которая уже готова в “Космических Инженерах” Вам не надо придумывать ничего нового. Просто. Скопируйте. Систему. Блоков.

Сколько еще придется терпеть и ломать голову над НОРМАЛЬНЫМИ строениями? Сколько строить квадратные коробки? Или тратить сотни часов на постройку перестройку домов, потому что ВЫ не можете добавить даже такой простой блок! Чтобы игроки могли сгладить углы! Тут даже не нужно больше расчетов. НЕТ большой нагрузки на сервера.

Исправьте это. Добавьте хотя бы такую заплатку. А лучше, СКОПИРУЙТЕ КОНСТРУКЦИЮ БЛОКОВ БРОНИ ИЗ КОСМИЧЕСКИХ ИНЖЕНЕРОВ.

П.С. Приношу извинения за капс, накипело.

Спасибо за внимание.
С уважением,

Thanks for attention.

Up 2018.10.24

In the midst of a heated debate, a minimum set of blocks was defined (thx @Mikey) . Blocks from which you can build anything. They solve any problem.

As an example, I will attach a screenshot (something like a war-penguin).

This is very time consuming. But if the developers go to this step and do it as a single addition. Even if the price is equal to the cost of the game. I would like to get it. Like many others, I suppose.


If anyone is interested in this, leave a comment about what you think about it.


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Ofc, I do feel like pointing out your idea of outright copying the system would be like trying to use IOS on and Android Phone. Or Xbox Live on a PS4. Or or this is good, trying to start a car with a lego key!

Point being Space Engineers which you obviously enjoy uses their own home build Engine called Vrage 2.0 where as Conan Exiles uses UE4 (Unreal Engine 4) so while some aspects are possible, what you’re asking for is practically impossible. So yes, they do have to invent something new for the same thing.

A wheel is a wheel, a car wheel is a wheel, a train wheel is a wheel, a cart wheel is a wheel but they’re all different basically reinventing the wheel. It’s just a terminology for the function of the part.

Also from the screenshot what I can tell is you want a better triangle piece. Well they’ve previously stated and I don’t remember where but I understand it… Their building is based on 1x1x1m construction. Foundations 1x1x1m, Walls, 1x1m etc… What you’re asking for would not be as simple as you make it seem since they’d need to create the following

  1. Foundation
  2. Walls
  3. Windowed walls
  4. Door frame
  5. Ceiling piece
  6. Roof slopes
    etc. The list really goes on n on.

The point being the piece you’re asking for breaks the geometry of their building system just for a single little issue.

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Dude, that’s awesome(Can’t include links yet -.-). Tho it lacks verticality, that’s amazing for planning out the floorplan itself when playing isn’t possible.

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Seriously? Perhaps you really wanted to help. But the problem is that I’m not the first day engaged in construction and built more than one huge structure. It looks great when you build one building. Here we are talking about a settlement with a very serious structure. And I break more than one hour, a day and a month in the sandbox. To fit the structure under the terrain. With THREE main blocks. We have to sacrifice a lot, just because developers are too lazy to add a couple of blocks.
The game turned into sudoku. Only in Sudoku is not talking about design. And here…
Sandbox for children with an adult rating.

I understand completely. But the problem is solved in many places. The point is to smooth the sharp corners at 90 degrees. I understand that one edge will be longer than the others. It does not matter. No need for additional wall blocks. Enough 1. foundation 2. ceiling. This will allow you to make a beautiful base. Then you can safely get out of the situation. If they added a dynamic wall or fence, that would be good.

The question is that a lot of time has passed. There was no change in this direction. No attempts.
You can not compare the copying of complex structures of operating systems with a simple copying of geometric shapes. They are used everywhere, they can not be patented. If only Pythagoras.
So here, there is no problem to take the idea of ​​blocks from space engineers, except maybe technical ones. And that is unlikely. These are the simplest elements, in buildings there are more complex ones.
So do not be fooled, it can be implemented if you want.

Now lets turn this around…

“I’m too lazy so the devs have to sacrifice a lot to add a couple of blocks to please me”

That’s basically what you’re saying. I outline precisely why they won’t add it which you outright ignore.


Lazy Seriously? Okay, I’ll give you access to my sandbox. Make it beautiful and that it was on the terrain. But the idea should remain. Will you do?

It is possible to provide a building in 1000 blocks. You can rebuild it very quickly. When it comes to 5,000, 10,000, 30k. Here your theory is not working. Or you are a genius who can calculate everything in advance. Or you do not understand what you are talking about and have never done something like that.

I understand that Conan is not a game where emphasis is placed on the construction of beautiful buildings.

But the point is that after a few hundred hours, when you have already researched everything, you have nothing to do. Really worthwhile, and not just spending thousands of hours to watch the stone digging animation.
Building large projects is just what would make playing this game a very long time. This would boost online at times. It is a pity that many do not understand this.

Now you spend a couple of thousand hours to understand that it was not worth spending half that time. But time will not return. Therefore, there is only hope that it is not too late, developers will listen to common sense.

Love the double standard of you calling the devs lazy but can’t handle being called lazy yourself.

Also would I? Sure but beauty is subjective. Ever heard the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”?

Anyway, people like you who are so entitled to their opinion and refuse to accept things as they are, is the reason I’m impressed with the patience of the devs and community managers.

Also head on over to for plenty of builds using the standard building geometry.

Game is based on 1x1x1m building. You want a piece that breaks that geometry and while you think it’s a small change its really not since add one piece and others will want more pieces. Resulting in a cascade of changes that needs to be made.

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And you are clearly one of those who leave the answer when they catch him in a lie.

You have no arguments confirming your words about me. You insulted me, but when I asked to prove, you are leaving the answer.

I gave a specific example. Bring your own. Everybody can say nonsense. In general, it is better to show your ingenious buildings. Where you were not too lazy.

It will not break the geometry. Think very well. To align what is now, it is enough to put the second SAME block, next to it. You will have a standard square foundation.

Where do you break geometry? For whom I attached a picture with a square??)

Minor nitpick, but it’s not on a 1-meter grid, it’s a 1-“unit” grid, with one unit corresponding to some arbitrary number of centimeters.

It doesn’t really matter because you’re otherwise correct that everything is (for a very good reason!) built around sides of the same length. This is why we won’t have 45 degree triangles, or the piece shown in the OP.

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Sigh, I’m not a base builder, I’m a programmer, game designer.

I’m not insulting you, never did. Just stating the double standard that you’re calling the devs lazy for not implementing a building geometry breaking block. Yet you who were building and already knew this limitation did not take it into account while building isn’t lazy.

That’s like blaming the car manufacturer for losing your license for speeding.

For where the building geometry is broken… Well basic math really. A square has equal lengths on all sides, what you’re asking for does not have equal lengths on all sides. Which would cascade into new walls needed, new doorframes needed etc etc.

True true, but using metric is easier for examples. ^^

I see that you are a great programmer. Who does not see the division of the square into two equal figures. Attaching the second shape aligns the structure to a regular square. True it does not make sense.

Try building something uniform (not square) first. It looks like a city. For example, in one cell of the map grid. Not on the plain. Perhaps then, you can understand what it is about.

Such moments can not be shortchanged. If only you take the grid of the world. This is a complete perversion.
When such a moment is discovered, by that time many hours have already been spent on the construction of the foundation. You have to break almost everything and think about how to avoid it. Come up with. Build. It turns out later that you do not fit into the relief. Or texture.
Thus, it will take more than one thousand hours for one building and colossal work. By passing the rest. Although for smoothing such moments, ONE block is enough. Which does not break the grid.

If you just repaired the construction of the foundation on the floor, it would be great. More and do not wait.

I appreciate that you’re communicating in a foreign tongue (for the record, so am I) but I don’t think it’s always clear what you’re trying to do… this for example doesn’t make any sense to me:

What is not clear about this? It’s about installing the foundation on the floor. Take the floor block (square) and try to put a foundation (square) on it. Happened? Try to do the same with triangular.
I wrote briefly because it is written in the topic header.

Oh, maybe this is a ceiling for you.

Regarding your comment, I did not want to respond to such nonsense, but you yourself gave an example. Maybe the problem is still in the carrier of your brain.

Your link. Then look at the beginning of the topic. Compare. Draw conclusions.


If you have ideas how to smooth the angle of 90 degrees in one block … I listen to you carefully)

I made a constructive proposal. You have not offered anything. What is the conclusion? Who whining?)

I see we already have several people on the case with giving input.
Thanks everyone (but please keep it civil, no personal insults :))

@SaIInS as pointed out, we can’t just copy something from another game for many different reasons. The foundation issue has been noted down quite a while ago but it has generally been down prioritized due to more pressing bugs.

A triangular piece like that was discussed during EA but it was an active decision to not add it because there are already so many different pieces and it would be quite a challenge because not all sides are the same length and you can’t dynamically adjust the sites.


This right here… SalinS you even posted a picture of it yourself.


The bottom part is the same size as the square which is true. The diagonal part IS NOT the same size as the square, actually a bit longer. It’s simple Pythagorean theorem.