Awnings and their level requirements

Can this feat be looked at/split up or bound to their respective roof feats?

Currently the Awning feat requires level 41 and 3 knowledge points, learning it allows you to (obviously) create awnings.

This includes Thatch & Stonebrick ones, progression wise they’re tiers you’ve long past at 41.

Minor suggestion, your thoughts?


Yeah, I always thought the way awnings are handled made no sense. You’d think you’d be able to unlock T1 and T2 awnings with the rest of those tiers.

If Funcom doesn’t feel like breaking them up it’d be a very simple fix in a mod, the only possible downside I could see would be maybe scre-…sigh, messing things up with unlocking the DLC awnings, but I think that should be avoidable if you kept the vanilla awning feat ID for the T3 recipes.

I may try that out the next time I update my server mod actually.

Personally I want tents to be lv1 to 3, and make able before you can make sand-stone. XD

Putting sticks and fiber up as a home, seems like first attempt to live. XD This way when you get foundations of sand stone going, you would get awning in 1st batch of upgrades like Seige and Palisades. In lv10-20 range. And making color and fancy variants in later upgrades at 30 and 33.


I agree with all this, and while we’re at it, can we please have a wedge-shaped awning :eyes:

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An inverted corner awning would be very helpful as well.

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