Awning Corners: Please Include both 3 & 4-Legged Versions

So my clanmate was touring someone’s base yesterday when he noticed that they had really cool turrets on their watch towers. I ported over to have a look, and my jaw hit the floor, see if you can figure out why…

Maybe a closer look?

How about now?

That’s right, for certain Corner Awnings, the tall back leg is not used which allows for us to get more creative and built 2x2 turrets! Somehow, several 1000 hours into the game I’d never noticed this, probably because the sets I use the most all have the 4th leg (Aquilonian, Frontier, Turanian, Yamatai).

Now just like there are many case where I’d like to have the 3-legged version in the sets I’m using (i.e. turrets), I’m sure there are some folks who need the 4-legged version for their bases (i.e. veranda porches). What I’d like then is to see both the 3 & 4-legged varieties present in every building set so that we have the option of the choice that’s right for our bases.

Also, we still need inner-corner awnings for concave turns since right now we have to overlap two straight awning pieces instead.

Speaking of which, straight awnings with only the front 2 legs would be really cool for making covered bridges.


the building is freakin’ great, 3000 hours spend on this game and i’m ashame that i didn’t come up with this xD

I back your suggestion !


It will be very usefull to have :+1:

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Better yet, also add inverted awning corners and awning ceilings (or as you said, straight awnings) for more intricate awning setups.


Even if it will be wonderfull to have 2 versions of the awning corners,I’m thinking now it will be even more usefull being able to switch from 4 legs version to 3 legs version (and viceversa) using the rotation command directly when you place the piece without having 2 different kind of building pieces in the crafting menu.

What I mean is: just one piece in crafting menu, when you want to place it it’s the 4 legs version, but if you rotate it, when the last valid rotation was displayed, the next will be the first with the 3 legs (and so on).

The idea of mutable building pieces is a good one, but it was (unfortunately) declared out of scope for Conan Exiles. I can’t remember who it was that brought it up on a stream once - I want to say Oscar, maybe. I believe he was on with Jens, but it’s a while back so I could definitely be wrong.

oh :frowning:

Well, than the original suggestion will be good, even if we REALLY need to have some order inside crafting menu if we suggest to add even more building pieces :stuck_out_tongue:

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