Inverted Stairs

I dont know if i’m missing something, but at my current building i really could use some inverted stairs.
The empty corner in the picture can’t be filled with stairs that are in the game, for the roof this already exists.


agreed, they need a few other building things too like half floor/cielings inverted corners for the all roofs and corner cielings that are half the cieling not 1/3 like we currently have


Not just stairs, need them for ramps too.

My biggest issue right now is I have a hex base and I can’t join the corners as they don’t make a wedge that fits that shape with the small point at the bottom.


cant you use the roof tiles ?

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No as there isn’t one that is actually the right shape for either the OP’s need for stairs or my need for corners. They do use the correct shape for the OP with roofs but not as a stair case.

The current corner stairs start wide at the bottom and taper in at the top, and the roof pieces are either flat or cornered but wide at the bottom. Plus they don’t actually have a sandstone one.

What I personally need is a corner ramp but it needs to be turned on its head so that it is wider at the top and bows out which is not currently not an option.

In my case I could use the existing corner ramp if I was building a square provided we could actually turn the piece upside down, unfortunately they don’t have a piece that fits the corner when you make a six sided shape.