Inverted corner stairs!

Inverted corner stairs for everyone. :slight_smile:

We need it Funcom.

I think inverted corner stairs is to be a standard building pice. (including tht DLC:s)


Thought we had two types of corner stairs for the arena pieces? But yes, more building pieces always.

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@RavenSworn ,I dream the day they will create triangle pieces with stairs , At this day the arenas can be fixed round amphitheatrically . this will be awesome .


I think inverted corner stairs is to be a standard building pice. (including tht DLC:s)


@vagnartheviking ,Very correct . Blood and sand dlc was the first dlc with the most cool building pieces , then Argosean dlc came but it was not like Blood and sand to the building pieces but more funcy and delicated . Now Siptah is very awesome yet is low payed for what it really gives , after so long we have tier 1 new build pieces , an exceptional set of tier 3 pieces and a whole new game with new content , weapons etc… so I feel that I was cheating the company when I payed only 20 Euro for it . But … I believe that what you are asking must be existed without the existence of dlc , just a patch giving to all the vanilla-dlc ,this piece . Thank you for bringing this up :+1:

Of coures the vanila to. (not everyone have the money to keep up w all DLC:s)

And such a common pice chould match every vanilla teir and DLC:s style.

Thank you for commenting :ok_hand:

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Add inverted ramp corners while you’re at it.

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Yes please.

And don’t forget these as well:

  • Inverted ramp corners
  • And crenelated walls for T1 and T2
  • Roof cap combo*

*Roof cap combo:
Image taken from the “More Roofs by Accident” mod from the workshop.

These pieces, should have been in the base game if you ask me…

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I support the OP 100%.

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