Inverted corner stairs!

Inverted corner stairs for everyone. :slight_smile:

We need it Funcom.

I think inverted corner stairs is to be a standard building pice. (including the DLC:s)


Thought we had two types of corner stairs for the arena pieces? But yes, more building pieces always.


@RavenSworn ,I dream the day they will create triangle pieces with stairs , At this day the arenas can be fixed round amphitheatrically . this will be awesome .


I think inverted corner stairs is to be a standard building pice. (including tht DLC:s)


@vagnartheviking ,Very correct . Blood and sand dlc was the first dlc with the most cool building pieces , then Argosean dlc came but it was not like Blood and sand to the building pieces but more funcy and delicated . Now Siptah is very awesome yet is low payed for what it really gives , after so long we have tier 1 new build pieces , an exceptional set of tier 3 pieces and a whole new game with new content , weapons etc… so I feel that I was cheating the company when I payed only 20 Euro for it . But … I believe that what you are asking must be existed without the existence of dlc , just a patch giving to all the vanilla-dlc ,this piece . Thank you for bringing this up :+1:

Of coures the vanila to. (not everyone have the money to keep up w all DLC:s)

And such a common pice chould match every vanilla teir and DLC:s style.

Thank you for commenting :ok_hand:

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Add inverted ramp corners while you’re at it.

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Yes please.

And don’t forget these as well:

  • Inverted ramp corners
  • And crenelated walls for T1 and T2
  • Roof cap combo*

*Roof cap combo:
Image taken from the “More Roofs by Accident” mod from the workshop.

These pieces, should have been in the base game if you ask me…


I support the OP 100%.

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Its a very nice pice, love that ide.

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Its a simple thing to do, the form is already in the game - they just need to re-texture it.

(this is my OWN logic and im not a game dev. I may be wrong.)

Totally agree! Many games have featured massive updates, containing expansions of building pieces.

One fine example that comes to mind is the game ‘Empyrion’, which saw massive overhauls of it’s voxel style building system, it was blessed with many new pieces that were so desperately needed and gratefully received!!

Oh, yes, importantly though, this update should be free, because it should be of better scope and quality than it is for the money we’ve all paid. Other game devs have done this in many updates. And I can confirm that it is GREATLY successful for the reputation and profitability for the company to update things like this for free.

When it comes to improvements on scope, quality and consistency of the product, this is because there has been a reason for it’s requirement, requested by the customer. The only other alternative is to stop charging us so much money, for very basic, poor- quality products, that are featuring very Skeletal content.

The prime directive of a company and one of it main key principles, is to exceed the customers’ expectations. If you fail to do this first time round, you have not succeeded in delivering customer service to an acceptable standard. Fear not- this is why free updates to certain criteria only serve to boost and increase profits and an excellent reputation that draws customers in from far and wide. It pays to actually do free updates in improving quality and content, when there has been a proven case of it lacking.

(but thank you for all you do, Funcom)