We need Inverted Corner Stairs

WHY has this not been done, it’s so frustrating I can’t do inverted corner stairs. Original tiers and Types of building, plus DLC Need Inverted corner stairs. I use official so don’t have mods.


i agree with you and was so pleased with the ones in the blood and sand dlc ( arena style foundations )

but I would also love to be able to do them in all dlc and vanilla buildings types also ! I’ll post a screen of how I used those arena stairs on my small stables : ->


@Kanza1 Nice stables, I love it! definitely would like to see the new arena DLC pieces ported to the other DLCs. Interfered stairs, Aquilonian arches, so many possibilities. I’m not holding my breath though. It would take time for them to reskin those assets just to give them to people who already purchased the DLC. Still it would be awesome!


It’s a case of weather enough people speak up about this.

We also need inverted awning corners for the same reason. Tough to make a proper peristyle without them.


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