Dev Stream: April 30th, 11am EDT/5pm CEST

Hey all! We’re doing a dev stream with me and Scott Junior (Executive Producer) tomorrow. We’ll be talking about testlive, the Followers I and II patch, showing off something new, and some Q&A at the end.

It’s the first one in a while and we’ll be doing it from home! Come for the info and fun, stay for my cats who will inevitably interrupt the stream.

Catch us here!


Definitely! The video will be up afterwards. Plus @Multigun will have you covered with a summary I’m sure if you’d rather read the highlights. :smiley:




I can try to catch a pic or clip :wink:


If there every was a reason to have off topic content in my summary, that time has arrived. Cat gifs or screen caps shall definitely be a thing.


make an account on twitch, another on the mixer and Youtube I’m already subscribed …

You are taking me to places I never thought I would be. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I am happy to see new content!
but about DLC I’m afraid of not having armor this time… :frowning:

Non static combat = move while attacking, when ?

On the same day :sun_with_face: and time :clock4:, there will be the premiere of another game’s trailer (with assassins :lab_coat: :scarf:). The premiere may start before 5pm CEST, but if it starts at the same time :scream_cat:… the stream from Conan Exiles wins! :heart_eyes_cat: :sweat_drops: It doesn’t matter that I know all the content of the testlive. :smile_cat:

I miss these regular :carousel_horse: streams a bit (a bit very much). :sneezing_face:

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Thanks for mentioning that. I wasn’t aware. Valhalla definitely trumps anything the Conan devs could reveal. At least given the current state of things. But I guess there is always hope that Funcom will fix some of the issues they’ve caused in-game in the recent months.

I am confused, went to Youtube/Funcom to see the dev stream live as usual, but there wasn’t any and not even a possibility to find anything about it… What’s going on?

Vod is on Twitch. Not up on Youtube yet looks like. I’ll have my usual written summary late tonight or early tomorrow.


Well, i was disappointed by what i feel is the core direction of the game after watching the stream. I mean, Nicole did a great job and all with handling the amount of questions coming thru. Both actually answered a lot of questions i had that pertain to the direction and focus of the game. This is not about the streasm actual content, but where i feel the new focus of the game is.

The disappointment comes from feeling PVP on officials is not something that is high priority to balance, and more focus will be solely to RP and PVE. And consoles, well we are officially red headed step children, as the mentions of mods that do some things that would refresh some of the appeal to CE was numerous.

It is good for the players that like PVE,RP and are on PC, but for a player like me who just prefers gaming on consoles and want something more strategic that resource bullying in PVP officials, as well as some form of way to create unique console servers, I may be SoL. Guess its time for some internal gaming conversations with myself. Am I willing to overlook these paths Funcom seems to be on for my finite gaming time?

I was ready at their Youtube channel at 5pm for the live stream like I used to when they had announced one, but it never appeared.
Just checked again and at least it is now available to watch on Youtube, would have preferred the live version, but this is better than nothing, btw looking forward to your always great summaries :slight_smile:

360p as highest quality?? Are you kidding me? LOL

Probably not done uploading to YouTube. That’s how YouTube always does it’s uploads.


Yeah that might be it, I will wait for a bit better quality to watch it in, again thanks for the explanation :slight_smile:

I don’t know that I agree with all of that, but I do agree on the mods observation. The mentioning of making more changes to thralls (sounded only in the nerf direction) seemed aimed entirely at PVP issues. But yes, having a mod available for PC does nothing for those of us on consoles. If IP is the concern, offer the modder a royalty and consider it cheap development.

Hello. Just finished watching the VOD of the stream. One of the questions I saw asked consistantly that never got an answer was about the dodge roll system being improved in some way. I’d like to expand on that question if at all possible…

The new dodge roll system is, effectively, useless from a gameplay standpoint. You’re forced into heavy armor.

The old dodge roll system was, effectively, useless as well, as it forced everyone into light armor.

The fundamental problem with both of these systems actually isn’t tied to the dodge rolling system itself, but more as a side effect of the armor penetration system.

Given what I’ve personally seen, the community at large vastly prefers the old system greatly in terms of dodge rolling. Is there any plan to address this, through possibly a reversion of the dodge system to the old one, in tandem with a change to the way armor penetration works to balance the two out?

This could very easily be done by switching armor pen over to a flat numerical value, rather than a percentage value, given that armor pen scales inversely off of armor ratings.

I didn’t get the feeling they were going to nerf anything, just look at the balance. and seems we are getting as is May 7th (no adjustments). As well the we will see comment about adding even more followers allowed on top of mount and 1 that is the current upcoming patch tells me we will eventually see 1 player with a horse and 4 followers teleport behind them all over the map. Not very PVP oriented. I mean they could nerf a T4 to 25%, but if you keep adding thralls that can go out with you, at what point do we even need our toon. Just make this RTS where i point and click 20 thralls to go do something.

Plus the DLC is totally in tune to be more basic reskins, with the pillars the only addition…not really pvp oriented at all.
And the coolest weapon they showed with the DLC, well not really going to cut it in a PVP scernario, so you won;t see that out much on PVP officials. Don;t get me wrong, they are cool looking, but that is just it, besides the awesome art work, the general feel i get from comments is Scott seems to be more a fan of the RP side, as well more closely atuned to PC and that community. Again, nothing wrong or that it is bad per say, but just the over all feel really has me questioning if CE is for me, and in general more competitive style players, anymore. Not that i am calling for everyone to leave, or Conan will die because of this,just my opinion of what i got. and it has been 2 years since official release, and it is about the time a dev will have to be more direct with where the end road is going. I might be wrong, but again, i would like to see more emphasis on balancing PVP to be less 2nd life dominated, and more strategic and skill based than it is. And want more creativity tools for console private servers. IF not, i will continue on my path off the game that started once they released horse + uber thrall coming.

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I agree that all balance issues are best addressed through the server tools, officials included. I’m not sure 4 thralls following is on the table but should it be for the sake of argument, it seems much more appropriate to put a MaxThrallFollowing number that can be adjusted post release so that every server, official and private alike, can be tuned to what works for that particular player base. I would say the same thing with the horse thrall combo. I don’t see a problem with it, but it shouldn’t be up to my preference what happens in other servers, nor up to theirs what happens on mine. Then we don’t have to worry about needing a patch to tweak it yet again (thrall power has been adjust several times already), we or Funcom can change it on the servers as needed and leave everyone else alone. If the minion damage setting was enabled, all of this could go away. Officials could have their thralls the way they want, and we private server operators could have them the way we want, maximizing the satisfaction of those involved. I’d at least like to have an explanation of why this is unreasonable. I have to say that if I take all the time to level a thrall to 20, I take them to the UC and they die against Red Mother, I would seriously think twice about ever leveling a thrall again when I can just boost the health and damage of the main character from the server settings to not need a follower at all.

edit: this just got me thinking, how hard would it be to put a slider for each weapon type so that we can scale damage there too? If everyone is using axes and spears are dead, why not put a 1.2 damage multiplier for spears or a .8 multiplier for axes? These are things that then can be tweaked on the fly to zone in on the appropriate strength for a given move set.

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