Quick Update and Stream Announcement

How do you do, fellow kids!

Due to the Easter Break we didn’t do our regularly scheduled Friday company stand-up so there wasn’t a traditional newsletter this week. However, I wanted to write down a quick update for the end of the week to talk about some things coming up.

Testlive saw a quick hotfix update on Easter Saturday, which took care of a pesky bug that made the server crash whenever you looked at a mammoth. We’re looking at further fixes/changes we can do to Testlive before and then looking at deploying a build to PC live and Xbox.

In terms of content we have reached content lock. This means that we’re not adding any more content or features to the game before launch. From here on out it’s more bug fixing and optimization for the launch build.

Next week, community manager Jens Erik (that’s me, hello!) will be in London to demo Conan Exiles at EGX Rezzed at the Tobacco Dock. If you’re at the event feel free to come by the booth. This will not have an effect on the further development and optimization of Conan Exiles, as only the community manager is going.

Since I’ll be in London on Friday there won’t be a traditional dev stream on Friday. Therefore we’re moving next week’s stream to Tuesday. We’ll be showing the new swamp biome and talking about some of the things players can find there. So join us at 5pm CEST / 11am ET / 8am PT, on Twitch.tv/funcom and Mixer.com/funcom on Tuesday, April 10th.