Streaming TestLive - Ask and ye shall recieve

Hey folks,

I’ll be streaming some TestLive for a couple hours. Come on by and ask questions about content you’re curious about, or catch the stream afterwards to see what I found. This will mostly be an exploratory stream tonight, diving into the Admin Panel and spawning all the new stuff.


In summary, there’s some extremely awesome content coming up.

I really like the idea for the ‘Improved Furnace’, and the other T2 craftting stations. This will really change the aesthetic for late-game bases. There’s a whole lot of late-game content that’s been added, it feels, and this is perfectly oriented towards the hardcore PvP / RP audience.

The Derketo altar and religious clothing is phenomenal. Really captured the spirit of Derketo in a way that will make players intrigued. Especially enjoyed the religious harvest item for them.

The new armors look great — including the Hyrkanian armor (as players had requested from Age of Conan) demonstrates a huge respect for the community. It’s my favourite, should I settle in the North. Looks like a Mongolian armor.

Combat feels perfect. It feels so much more polished, and ready for release.

I also really appreciated the new decoratives, including the witchfire torches. Having another color of light, and a unique torch type, is really cool.

There are a few other insights and such that I discuss on-stream. It’s a long one, but I talk about everything from spelling errors, to crashes, to places where I wish there was gold to harvest.

Looking forward to testing out the Purge, once that is ready for us to dig into.


Looks really good!

Are we playing the same game? Kappa

I’m sure tons of people will be “intrigued” by the new derketo armors… =p