Testlive Livestream on YouTube - Char creation, New God, Locations, Map Room,

Hello my friends, this is the first time that I’m live streaming to YouTube, hope you stop by and say “Hi”!

Interesting stream. Looks like its loads of new stuff! You think the maproom telepprtation issue is a bug or that they havent implement it yet? Is it possible to obtain the maproom without admin?

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I’m not sure to be honest, but I will play on my own server with the newest testlive version now, I will try to find out. :slight_smile:
Oh…I’m going to live stream my gameplay on Twitch: :smiley:

Sorry. Family business tonight. Will take a look later

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You should, it was a nice stream with Funcoms robtheswede in my chat, who unofficially announced Pets in Conan Exiles! :smiley:

Look at the stream chat displayed bottom right of the screen, my reaction to this is a couple minutes later.

Good stream, and nice you had a developer watching the bugs! You looked for the maproom, but i think you have to learn it in the unnamed city?

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Thank you, I really appreciate that! :blush:

Yeah, one of my viewers suggested that aswell. I am still not level 60 though and with elephant server crashes I am rather not roaming the map too much. I will go explore in a future stream and then learn that recipe and go talk to Conan. :slight_smile:

It’s always awesome to have someone from the Conan Exiles team in my stream, for the little extra insight and some Q&A.