We are in Q2 2018 and havent had an update since Q4 2017? WTF

Do I need to find a Test Live server to play on? The drought for updates is getting a bit insane. The game is releasing in about 1 month and the new content hasn’t even been tested on live servers. The population is slowly dropping as people have been waiting for the patch to wipe and we just keep waiting and waiting. Can someone at Funcom give us an idea of when the next live patch will actually be?! We are feeling super neglected.

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TestLive is so different from the current live servers. Its like its a different game. We ended up making a testlive server cause we got bored waiting. (and the current offical testlive servers have lot of hackers on it)

I highly recommend finding an unofficial testlive server and trying it out.

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I have no problem doing that if thats what I need to do… would just be nice if Funcom came out and said “Hey, we abandoned the live servers and only plan on pushing updates on Test servers til launch”. I work in the business world and the lack of communication here is just insane. I’d reference the dev stream they have every 2 weeks but guess what they didnt do also. Got people in clown shoes running this company :wink:

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Game is scheduled to release on May 8th. At this point you can be pretty sure there will be no live updates till then.

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they said : Once we’re happy with the state of Testlive it will be rolled out to the regular live version.
source : http://steamcommunity.com/games/440900/announcements/detail/1671273465558063694

so i gess we gonna have 2-3 test live patch then live (2 weeks maybe)

why - let them reach the end - now we need to release the patch, it is not over yet, and after the release there will be many more patches, I assure you - the network code is a nightmare that is always funky - a good coder costs good money - so do not wait for the ideal - it will be the way it is

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I am of the mindset that from a business standpoint you would focus all your energy on Test Live patches until release of 1.0. Which I am 100% fine with, but will someone from Funcom come out and say that so everyone stops waiting. I know there are servers waiting to wipe when the combat patch comes because they think it should be any day now. Just say something Funcom!!! SAY SOMETHING!

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The amount of bugs in testlive. I can’t see how live will be updated before May

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If you work in the business world you also know that when it comes to games/fanboys, if you say X and Y happens you get Z shoved up your A. Look at Sorcery for a prime example: they said ‘we will do this thing’ at a time when any reasonable person would look at the state of the game and think ‘plan’ not ‘promise’ yet… well, just look for all the threads whining about lack of sorcery at launch.

I agree that not pushing the big update is hurting them because people that are waiting will eventually just give up, but enough are playing Testlive to properly test it. In addition, the big wipe is not patch-dependent, it’s launch-dependent since this patch has nothing to do with the new biomes. Funcom flat-out said those are being held until launch.

Every release has bugs. Every one of them. One of two things will happen: 1) we will get the big patch a couple of weeks before launch (so, in ~2 weeks) to live-test while they load another one into Testlive or they will wait until launch. Either way they said they will keep working on the game post-release.

Funcom also flat-out said they weren’t doing a Devstream due to a holiday. This was not neglect, nor was it hidden from us. Clown shoes indeed…

P.S.; everyone who isn’t a hermit works ‘in the business world’. Your local Wal-Mart cashier is part of ‘the business world’, so is your neighbor who sells pillows with cute cats embroidered on them on Etsy.

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We haven’t abandoned the live servers. Once we’re happy with the state of Testlive we will roll out a build to live servers with new content and gameplay systems.

We 100% understand that it’s frustrating when it feels like nothing is happening.


it is indeed… Now i dont even plaz the game for several months… I just wait for 8.5. and how it turn out. But i feel that you have HUGE amount of work ahead… hype and more importantly our expectations are rising every day!

there are new dreams, hopes and ideas every day… mounts, sorcery, better AI, building mechanics, religion rework, more dungeons, more armor and weapon styles, alchemy rework, corruption, fast travel balance…and tons of other stuffs

Mounts and sorcery are not making it in for launch. This was announced in February on our dev blog.

AI has been improved and you will be seeing more building pieces at launch. Not necessarily new building mechanics, but we’ve already expanded the building system a ton. :slight_smile:


hey, thank you for your answer. I am aware of every official announcement, I just wanted to point out what we are talking/dream about at this site every day (and we also expect to see it in game one day - at least some of it) :slightly_smiling_face:

And base on the balance of the current Testlive, I am guessing that will be closer to May 8th.
Thew new content is great (well done) but the balance…needs a lot of work. Naken players with pikes can kill anything. Orb to destroy T3 building drop from so many NPC. Having a level 10 player farming T3 bases after creating there toon 10 mins ago…is not balanced

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So confirmed new patch tomorrow?

I am a little bit disappointed too.
[testlive] feels so much better in its mechanics than [live].
Testing on [live] is a little bit odd right now. One just lost the overview if things are already fixed or if the mechanics did not change at all. Even the economy is very different due to changes to the crafting.

I would have very much appreciated if it would have been possible to put all the changes from [testlive] to [live] weeks ago.
…on the other hand I am glad that there is currently no “Bad Player Name” bug on [live].

But to be honestly i stopped playing on [live] due to the big gap between the versions and the huge download when you switch between both.

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I have created two folders of Conan one with live version second with test_live.


What a simple idea! Thank you for the tip!
So you just have to switch the folder name before you switch from [testlive] to [live].
I wonder why steam not already offers this method.

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And switch in steam client property from live to test.

Make the new folder at the steam level,

I have a “steam” which has my regular steam,
then a steamtwo, I then make all the subfolders in steamtwo
IE steamtwo\steamapps\common although “steamapps” and “common” are empty
then copy the regular conan exiles to “common”
Use the conansandbox_BE.exe
located in steamtwo\steamapps\common\conan exiles\conansandbox\binaries\win64
this method will even remember which mods you have loaded if you activate them from this installation.

then go to steam library and opt in to testlive. you will then have both test and regular, and the test build will up date with the patches

start the test build normally, start the regular build by making a shortcut to steamtwo\steamapps\common\conan exiles\conansandbox\binaries\win64\conansandbox_BE.exe

this is what I do, to play my modded single player, and testlive.
and I could still play on regular servers, if I wished