What is this Conan Exiles - Testlive Client

Hello i got this game on steam and i bought in May but that time didnt had this Testlive Client …dont even had it till now i mean i just notice it now and i was wonder what exactly is at act like is another game in my steam library …

Yep, FunCom appear to have popped that in recently.

I imagine that unless you want to go and become a TestLive player, just ignore.

TestLive is where you can be part of the exclusive group of players that get to see, and help test, new stuff being patched/created/updated. You get a an early preview of stuff being planned, which can be fun. BUT you will also experience a lot of server wipes and stuff like that.

If in doubt, try it out :slight_smile:

PS: This may have been a glitch so it may not show up soon :smiley:

We’ve added a separate TestLive client for players who want to help us with testing on our Test Servers.
In the past, you had to switch between the live game and the TestLive Servers (this option still exists as well).

However, you can now install the separate (free) product which should make it much easier for players to access the Testing Environment.

Installing the TestLive Client will however install the full game again, which is the reason we also left the old option to join the TestLive Server intact.

More information and patch notes for the TestLive patch that went live today can be found here.


And a welcome change it is indeed - it’s no secret that TestLive has suffered from, shall we say, “low population issues”, and I’m sure the relative difficulty/impracticality of having it overwrite the default install played a part in that. So at least that’s one hurdle overcome in getting more testers (and hopefully higher quality patches).

If you want to bookmark the info, simply do it from here:
:orange_book: https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/TestLive on the Official Conan Exiles Wiki. :wink:

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