Testlive client, what is it and do I need it?

Hi, I just bought the game on steam, d/l it now, but it has 2 things. The game and this “testlive client”, both of which are 40gig. Do I need them both, can I only install the game and not the client?

I mean 80gig is a LOT and I am only interested in single player at this point.


The testlive client is basically a beta branch to allow players to test out upcoming patches early to assist with finding bugs. This is not required at all.

If you desire to only play the game, it is recommended to play the live version and not the testlive version.


Ok then, well it started to d/l first and I can’t remove it from the d/l list but is it ok to uninstall without removing the game as well?

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Yes, they are completely separate installs. Feel free to remove the testlive version via uninstall.

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Great, tyvm, I just didn’t want to lose the d/l progress of the game as well… Thanks again for you help :slight_smile:


@Pantherr here’s extensive explanation on TestLive and switching builds. If you need anything, let us know.


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