Should we still play on Testlive?

Question, since I’m still rather new to the patch releases and whatnot: should we keep playing on Testlive or migrate back to the live version? Is there any new stuff to test? Just wondering if I should play normal and see how things are going over there and report on any weird things until there’s another drop of new stuff on Testlive.

That’s fully up to you, most do all two.
But there will be new patches to test, don’t worry.

Give bit time to the devs to care for the live build right now. I mostly play on the regular build, but also do still some testings. Still also a matter of time, and depends how many hours you can or want spend. :wink:

Don’t forget, testlive or live build, have fun !

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It doesn’t seem worth it anymore. Bugs keep getting reported on testlive and they just let them get pushed to live. So what is the point? they will just release stuff buggy anymore so we are just wasting our time.

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I don’t feel like vasting my time.
Sure, testing is time consuming, and you need be aware of that.
I like CE, the world, and play this game sine EA, so i hope testing help get the game better. And it does, i know that, some bugs get still fixed, while, yes, unfortunately some may slip trought to the live build. But that’s how things are working. Sometimes slower than we might expet.

Do just testing when really you have some spare time, and are in the right mood to do so… :woman_shrugging:

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