Hooray! 3.0 is not a testlive! That means we can play immediately!

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Uh, what? Guys, enough with pushing information you believe as fact when we don’t have the full picture. Wait until the 21st, at minimum.

And why would you celebrate no public testing, even if that was a thing? That’s a supremely odd take.


Where is this assumption even coming from? The video that may or may not exist may or may not have said something about some quarter between 2 and 4.

If such a video existed and said such a thing, it would seem to me to be a very safe assumption that 3.0 is still a ways off, and there will likely be testlive before then.


ugh… i doubt that will happen.
it needs to be on testlive for any potential game breaking change or bug that we can avoid before making it to live.

I expect we won’t see 3.0 before September.
Next month is June which is the general vacation month in Scandinavia so I won’t exect much if anything happening then.

this tidbit…



Is this a testlive download?



To my knowledge, no. I do know that a small group of players has been invited to act as a test group. An even smaller group of that small group volunteered to test something. What they are testing required an NDA.

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I have both installs of CE on my rig. It has been a good amount of time since I have seen an update for TestLive. That does not mean that we will not see one in the near future.


I as well have both. I was only replying to a poster being passive aggressive (not first time of them to “attack” an OP) that the news was fabricated… You do say to your knowledge, so there is that back pedal :wink:

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This one sincerely hopes it has a fairly robust test period. As much as is being changed and added, a solid stress test would seem called for.

But it will be what it will be.

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That was me “attacking somebody” by saying to wait until the 21st before declaring things like “there is no Testlive period.”

…Why do I bother, really, why.


It looks like the thread has been edited but from what’s left I don’t think the “attack” accusation was leveled at you Multigun…

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Just posting an update since this thread has incorrect info as of the dev stream this morning, 3.0 will in fact go to test live but has no release date as of now.


Most likely that will be sometime in Q3 possibly a couple of weeks before the release. My guess is we will be seeing it in the August and September time frames.



Kidding, of course. Well stated.

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