PLEASE Put 3.0 on TestLive before Launching It

I enjoyed your 4th Anniversary hype video on YouTube. It looks like you guys had fun making it. I just have one request. Please, please, please, put version 3.0 on TestLive for at least a couple of weeks so we can help you troubleshoot some of the bugs. I’d love for you to have a successful launch of 3.0, and letting us test it would help ensure that. I know there’s probably lots of surprises you would prefer to keep secret, but the best surprise of all would be a smooth launch of this update.

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I see advantages and disadvantages. Maybe they could try it with a closed, yet larger than usual, testing group. I know it doesn’t have the same diagnostic potential as testlive, but 3.0 has become too big of a hype not to be launched live.


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