So when will this update come out to play?

Idk when the 3rd quarter is. I honestly believed the 3.0 update came out yesterday but it’s just another announcement lol. You guys bamboozled me good. This is the second time. Please do a better job how telling us when these updates come out. Don’t hype stuff with the cryptic images and please be upfront about dates. Idgaf what criticism I get with this post.

Q3 = July 1 to September 30.

Sometime between there.


Funcom will have a summer break. I don’t think testlive will begin until after that.

My prediction is testlive in August, live in September.

It is Funcom’s way.

Yeah. Not expecting much to happen next month which is the regular month companies have vacation period in Scandinavia.
Testlive should get 3.0 sometime in August and release should be 4-6 weeks after that.

But things may change. We’ll see.

Would be nice if we could test the build on Testlive for the month they are gone so that we would have some feedback for them when they get back in August. That would give them two months for hotfixes and patches before rolling out the final product.

I mean, its “Testlive” – its not like changing all the servers.


We already know they have testers. Testlive is for stress testing.

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Sounds realistic. Because it’s not in Testlive yet, the schedule is unlikely to be much faster than you suggested, especially since July is probably going to be a quiet month anyway. And with Funcom’s track record of updates that were perhaps a little broken at release, I’d rather they didn’t rush the release.

@Bodin’s idea of letting the community stress-test the product during the July break for more feedback is actually a rather good idea.


but only if there is already enough to test. there is no point in testing an incomplete version. this just produces a flood of irrelevant bug reports for things that are not yet ready


How do they do this if they don’t know when the update will be finished? Personally, I don’t even like the idea that they are even given a quarter timeframe. It should simply be, ‘when its done.’

Arbitrary dates is how game breaking bugs, glitches, and exploits happen.

I say if it takes a year, it takes a year. If it takes two years, then it takes two years.