What's the point of showing us all the 3.0 info when you're going to release it in 6 months or so?

Serious question, bye bye hype.

Knowing funcom they wont give us anything in the meanwhile, good game but bad company I wish it has the same devs as Rust and Dayz.


Q3 = July 1 to September 30

That’s significantly less than “6 months or so”.


Q3 starts July 1st and runs through Sept 30th. So the Test Live version could drop in as little as a week from now, but will likely be closer to a month from now.

EDIT: @Bodin beat me to it! :grin:


Other developers would create a whole new game with all this new content instead of a free update. So please …


Some people complained (for months) to know what is coming.

Now, someone complains they released info on things that are coming out.

Can’t win.

Personally, I rather know their plans than speculate for months without any info.

Keeping people informed is better than keeping us not informed. Granted, patience is the key.

Granted, could be worse, they announced the new Elder Scrolls game in 2018 and the game may not come out until 2024 at the earliest. Here they only announcing something that will come out within 3 months officially unless something drastic happens that causes it to be delayed.


Thank you, Funcom Devs, for sharing your future plans with us.

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3 months max is not exactly “to slow” to put what they have show, is a reasonable time.

with their trayectory u have always to think the worst thing. But i think will come next month if not RIP.

Not likely. July is Norway’s National Holiday month. People will take anywhere between 2-4 weeks off, Funcom included. The deduction would then be that all of July is consumed, all of August in development plus two weeks of September. This means mid-September for TestLive with a possibility of rolling out six weeks after that. For all I’ve seen they are promising, this is very ambitious.