Is the 3.0 update going to immediately be a a testlive first?

If it came to testlive first then it wouldn’t come out to the actual game until 3-4 weeks later? This is a question for the devs.

Usually they do. So we are not close yet.

The testlive servers are gone. Just not there anymore.

If you all remember Siptah did not go to testlive. It was just released in beta. I’m 100% certain 3.0 will go straight to release.

I also think that if a new map should be announced, then it will start in early access, like siptah did back then. And that wouldn’t be a bad thing considering how much siptah has changed over the development period!

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It being billed as “an even bigger update than Siptah…” which not only included a new map, but new mechanics, armor, and enemies as well, I can see them wanting a big reveal to everyone without limiting it to testlive. Siptah was able to be released as a beta though because it was a paid expansion so not buying it was a way to opt out. 3.0 seems to be an update for everyone so it may be a testlive release to iron out bugs.

Regardless I can find devs teasing 3.0 on this forum as far back as Nov. ‘21. That’s seven months without any real news other than “wait and see… wink wink”. At this point if it’s not something mind blowing like an engine upgrade to unreal 5, fully realized living bases (honestly the emote system is such a letdown, now instead of thralls staring blankly at a wall they stare blankly at a wall while juggling), better purge mechanics, and inter clan diplomacy (that thralls follow) I’m going to be more than disappointed.

Hopefully now that the four year anniversary “4x extravaganza” is over we’ll get some actual information and a drop date.

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Can you give me information about the 3.0 update I would like to learn more on what it entails.

Nobody knows anything, still. All speculation and nothing else.

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Funcom last live 7 months go on Twitch for the Nemedian DLC and 2.6 update.


We miss you!

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Last day of the work week. If we didn’t hear anything today, it starts over on Monday waiting for some kind of announcement

At best im expecting a september release. Id be surprised if we get a summer release.

it has something to do with that event … with the obelisks that spew out purple gas and blue skeletons that attack you… idk. The update would be nice with new races to play, more character creation feature, new map or biome, and maybe cool facial features.

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They probably should put in testlive anyone who’s been around for a long time knows how broken updates can be sometime.,

Do you have the link that says 3.0 update will include a new map?

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