When is the next patch going live?

So after watching these YouTube videos about 2.4 I gotta say that finally siptah caught my eye.

When is this patch going live? Does anyone know?

Based on the previous patch which I think was on test live for a month, I would say next month, since this is a big upgrade for Siptah. Minor changes for Exiled Lands though.

You can’t fool me, I know a trick question when I see one :wink:

No matter how long they keep it on TestLive, people will scream impatiently at Funcom to release the patch.

Once it’s released, it will still have some bugs, and people will scream at Funcom regardless of how many bugs there are, how severe they are, or how many players are affected.

Also, when it’s live, there will be a whole bunch of people who didn’t pay attention to the TestLive patch, and they’ll scream at Funcom about not letting them know about the changes.


Hmm, you say that like you’ve seen that somewhere before. Shirley Yura Jester.

Jesting aside, I agree with your assessment. I hope it stays on long enough for issues to be resolved and some changes to be reverted. but not so long that interest wanes.

but recall that one big feature is still not implemented for testing, so unless that gets postponed for another build, I am guessing there will be at least another week after an update to testlive occurs for that feature.


I would be surprised if its done in under a month. 2.4 is an expansion of an expansion. It adds a ton of new content and rebalancing alot of existing Siptah stuff. Not to mention all the optimizations for both servers and individuals.

Unless something gets majorly broken I think this is really going to be a patch that everyone will like.

cant come soon enough thats for sure, 2.3 made the game unplayable bugged


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