Next content patch?

Any ETA on this? i know fun com is lacking on the com side but it was said a patch was coming in October rumoured to be an ‘economy’ update or something, like something meatier than just some numbers being changed.

ideally the ever talked about surges x)

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economy means your world shall turn upside down, as for when… soonTM

Last word I saw on it was that they were hoping to get the first of three major patches (the economy patch) done in October, but that’s if everything goes well and they don’t run into any issues that cause it to be delayed.

not even on testlive, so i dont think its happening this month.

oh wait unless they drop the patch in live servers… XD

That’s actually a strong possibility given that Siptah is in early access status. Technically speaking that pretty much means that as far as the expansion is concerned, the official servers are the testlive servers until the official launch.

They are not done messing up the last update, give them awhile.


Just a fix for the missing bosses, empty chests and poor Thrall drops would be nice. But yeah, more content is desperately needed. I’m sure they know this. I’ve done every vault now twice, been farming ??? and dabbling in low level leyshrines since I’m playing singleplayer. I would love to see a road map that is more detailed about what they have in mind for the future.

Dota 2 has something called “seasonal clearing update” which is basically a yearly “massive” bugfix patch. Since people naturally don’t feel excited about bugfixes, it usually also comes along with a bunch of QOL changes, which is nice.

I think that we really need a seasonal cleaning update.

They did do the 99 bug fix near official release once

Was that the one where they dropped a patch and then went on summer break?

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If they still havent fixed vault chest spawns at this point then new content wont come for at least 3 months xD

Well looks like T4 will be nice but not essential soon. New economic “systems” update on testlive. Overall looks really good.


i am confused, under where are they new crafting stations?

Are you on testlive?

SO IT MEANS you guys rendered t4 crafters (Armorers and blacksmiths useless?)

duh! XD no i am not, just noticed this is in testlive.

Read the change notes more.

Hey Multigun,
Just curious if you are on testlive. How big are those new furnaces and what do they do? I don’t think they will fit in my current crafting station room lol.

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you should read here : (you probably did not, so please pay special attention to this crap line)

is it clear or you want a drawing on it ? LOL…

same bullcrap we saw when they added the progression system to the t4 fighterrs /archers /performers, all happening again! … now with t4 crafters! GREAT!!! , there will be a crapstorm heading their way…

they should allow people to train their damn T4s with the new benches, looks like another slot machine to me ( quoting @CodeMage concept)

If you haven’t already, you should download testlive and check it out yourself. It might not be as bad as you seem to think it is.