Upcoming patch ETA, heads-up

Hi. Not trying to rush anything, I know devs want to deliver the latest Isle of Siptah update at the right time, no pressure. However, when it is looking to be ready for deployment, could you give us a few days of heads up? This would enable us to adjust our last minute game activities accordingly. Thanks.


Tomorrow :sweat_smile:

I’m joking. I have no idea.


Have you been reading this?

Its very helpful to anticipate what to expect. I was even able (though this is a try at your own risk!) to run a single player copy of my games database (including 15 or so mods!) through the Test live client and have taken some time “adjusting” content to it don’t get screwed with by the patch (as far as possible/probable LOL!)

Could you explain what you mean by “Last minute Game activities” though Not sure how or what those could be that a Heads up would help with??


Thank you. Stupid me, I never thought to check that forum, since I’m never on Testlive. As far as last minute activities, for me would be minor stuff like farming fragments of power, farming construction mats for upgrading base tier for purges, and gauging whether I have enough time to farm ???'s for another surge before my attention switches to the new camps. But other people are still in the process of rebuilding bases that were affected by new camp sites; that would be a bad surprise if the update comes unexpectedly.

OK I get you. I think it said someplace Black Ice was gonna get a bit harder to find and or be better guarded. Not sure what that might entail but yeah stock pile that for example “Just in case” sure.

But I agree at a minimum a 48 hour notice would be good, a week would be better.


I’m gonna drop this here, just to make sure everyone sees it:


“Update 2.3 will release live in at least one week from now”

Posted 7 days ago…

Source, or am i not seeing it in the linked post above yours?

Heading: What we plan to do on Official servers, second paragraph.

Yep. It says in at least one week from now (date of post, 2-10-2021). that unfortunately could mean at a minimum, meaning any day starting today is now possible release day.

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Yea, I gathered from their latest update on the 18th that the patch could drop any time from tomorrow (the 24th) or forward.

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if they were not thinking to drop the patch this week … they would have kept silence and not push the harvesting event this week.

and they do love to patch on thursdays. so i am not sure, but it is very VERY likely patch will hit tomorrow

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Well apparently I was wrong :frowning: hahaha.

Soon ™

They were probably going to drop the patch this week, but the fixes they are working on are just taking longer than expected.

I don’t mind the waiting so much as the lack of communication – I’d be fine waiting a little more if they would just tell us what’s going on.


Personally, I am ready to wait as long as necessary, the main thing is that a raw, buggy product does not come out.


We got it man. We all know it’s going to be next week on thursday 3 p.m CEST. :pensive:

It’s like that sign I saw in a restaurant once that reads “Free Beer Tomorrow”.

It never gets taken down.

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I know they made post saying an update March 2nd .

Can you provide a link?