No official Siptah testlive servers?

Just finished installing the testlive client, and all of the Official testlive servers say Exiled Lands. No Siptah?

I noticed this as well. It’s kind of odd.

Well, the 2.1 patch is just about the economy. Single player should suffice for that.

The 2.2 patch will focus on PvP and combat. I’ll bet there will be public Testlive servers for that one. Maybe we’ll see that in November on Testlive?

Ehhh. I was recently reminded that there can be differences between behavior in testlive on a server and testlive in single player.

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That was exactly why I asked.

Necro’ed my own thread to add that the server browser now DOES show both a US and an EU official testlive Siptah server (PVE-C). But they’re down, connection fails.

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