TestLive servers with ping 9999. Please restart them

For 2 days these 2 servers are not able to be logged on.

Public Test Server EU PvE-C Siptah. The only Siptah Test server on EU side.

Public Test Server EU PvP Exiled Lands.

Any update on why have not they been restarted yet?

Thank you, have a wonderful day!

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From what i can see there are only 2 Public Test Servers left online. 5 with Ping 9999 :slight_smile:

Both on EU side :slight_smile: GG EU servers!

All servers but two EU servers still down.

Isn’t there like a single person who can check the server status once in a while and press reset? Even the dedicated server tool released has a auto start server and zombie safe guard in place for a freeze or crash.

Please get this back up!

Also wanted to report that the US Test Servers are down as well. US Test Server PvE is completely missing from the list and PvE-C for both Exiled Lands and Siptah are down and we cannot log into them as of 13-Aug-2022 at 3:20 CST.

Is there any chance to have a public Testlive server up and running for Siptah? Or an estimate on when any Siptah Testlive server is going to be available?

Thank you and have a amazing day :wink:

It has been since Saturday, roughly 5 days now, that the PVE-C servers have been down (only one EU exiled lands server up). What’s the point in testlive if no one can test their gameplay style? Asking for a friend…

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I think they have bigge problems then “restarting” them beause most of servers are down since the testlive’s beginning (I’m not counting they manage to servers up and they crashed in 2 days). So I think it is not that simple.
Only problem is their communication to player base (and that is a big problem). There’s no good answers and still saying “we are working on it” and no timetable given. If people knew the problem they maybe decide wait or not. They not even restart only stable servers yet, and no hotfix, fix, etc patch announcements. That is a big problem for player base and themselves generally.

Nah, they got enough of “Funcom, your servers are lagging” :)))) .So, probably until they feel like “the mass” is allowed to “test” 3.0 again…they will open them.
My only complain is/was missing having 1 server for Siptah, but after playing it for some hours…In my opinion Siptah was not ready for 3.0 Testlive.

With Funcom is simple. They either want to let you see what is coming new or they do not want to. If you are demanding stuff, rarely you’ll be rewarded :slight_smile:

We shall see what the future brings :wink:

Edit. Will also be my last reply/request on the matter. As i previously stated…

  • Fish has been hooked, reeled in…but instead of being cooked at the moment is cooling in the fridge.

Yea lacking of Siptah PvE and PvP telling something you are right. Siptah is not ready for it. Thinking they made that map only for Sorcery it feels weird.

So, we going to have to wait 1 week again until a Siptah Testlive server is up and running? :frowning:

Thing that i do not understand is :

  • Server is ok, very little lag/stuttering
  • All of a sudden it shows ping 9999
  • No one there to restart the servers.

We going towards 2nd week since the Siptah Testlive EU is down(No ups and downs, just ping 9999 for 10! days now)…And probably less then 3 weeks until the release of 3.0.
I tell you one thing, if you release 3.0 like this…Is going to hurt :frowning: and the few that are still playing the game, will be even fewer…

Bring Siptah home! I mean bring the Siptah servers up please.

I’ve given up on this fight, I might be tenaciously stubborn, but even I know when I beating my head against a brick wall.

I have not. Not when we “all” know the state of updates when being released.
Siptah launch worked “more or less” fine for about 5 days…Then a hotfix came in and i could not play the game anymore for 2 months…Bye Bye Official…cause yeah, decay.

I am aware that some players consider Siptah different then Exiled Lands but 3.0 is affecting both maps. Exiled Lands seems a bit ahead of Siptah. On Siptah we have the boring “hit some stones” event, while on Exiled Lands you have the massive Stygian invasion(The single event that i did on EL)…

My grudge against EL players is getting bigger :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve learned it with a couple suspension, account demotes and such. If they want u silent, they have ways to do it. Keeping test servers offline is just the lowest atm.

They have this QA server up, you barely see 1-2 on it. But then you have the test servers(when online) with always 20-30 people playing. Hardware is not an issue, if you did not noticed servers are 60 slots, not 40 as official.
I still want(more of…make myself) to believe that they are getting ready to update the Testlive with some sort of patch/fixes and that’s why the servers are kept offline. Long shot i know.

Not 100% sure that this is related but I have a strong suspicion. I rented a testlive server on G-Portal and had it going for over a week. Basic 10 slots no mods, almost 100% vanilla settings. After a week or so me and many players started having trouble finding it or joining it. Symptoms included timing out while trying to connect, unable to see server in server list, could not direct connect (timed out), sometimes took over half an hour to repeatedly try to connect then when finally joined I would rubber band continually, could not move, rejoin, able to move, crash in 10 seconds or so, rinse repeat etc. When I could occasionally see my server in the list I saw it and a bunch of official servers all had 9999 ping showing. I tried other servers. Some I could join immediately, others I had the same time outs. It seemed to resolve on my server when I restarted it. Suddenly all the players could see it and join. Eventually though, even with 2 auto restarts a day and restarting whenever I couldn’t get on after trying for 15-30 minutes at a time, restarts seemed to be ineffective too. After testing as much as I could on other servers and mine, I logged a ticket with G-Portal and the customer service guy instantly asked if it had slowly been getting worse over time. When I said it had, he suggested we try archiving the old save and try a new one on the same server. It worked. The old save was corrupted. Could it be that the game.db files are corrupted on the official servers in question? We’ve been going 4 days now on the new save and I’m monitoring it to see if the problem recurs. If anyone at Funcom wants the files in question, let me know.

@ Community (cause of new user…)
Not a single Testlive server is running.

We apologize for this situation.

We’re currently looking into this and we hope to have the servers back up and running as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience while we investigate.


I do not want to be a thorn in your back, but it was never like it is now.

We always had 1 EU and 1 US Testlive servers up and running. Current situation worries me, not because not having a Official test server, but for the amount of Ping 9999 servers that are being shown.

I remember clearly a couple years back when i rented my own server…Being asked for a server restart each couple of hours, some players could have seen the server - some not…Seeing this back in force worries me at least.

Fingers crossed in getting rid of the 9999 crap.

I so want to go on a rip.
I’ve alpha/beta tested games and applications for quite a few years. Hell most of the games I own are/were early access late stage betas.

The majority of the servers being down 90% of the time is not how you test a game. And I’m sorry a once a week placation just does not cut it.

Just what has happened to game testing?

You need to understand that you are not “testing” their game. You are at the most “testing”, how it is being called, The Biggest Update yet for Conan Exiles.
As it is changing so many features/systems + battle pass/bazar, from what i know heard the game size has been “optimized” again, so yeah…a lot going on to make it work. Are all these new things server side and causing the Ping 9999?..maybe…maybe not.
But here we are, going towards the 2nd week(at least that’s when i installed Testlive again) and now we have all servers with the Ping 9999. Old issue, which i really hope is not coming with 3.0 .

As for myself, as stated in a different reply. I am not here to “test” their game and not here to insult/mock anyone, just here to see if i play Official servers again.
I have around 40-50 hours on public Testlives, on EU Siptah i already had a lvl 60 char ready and leveled a new one to 60 on US Siptah. On EU i progressed faster, on US leveling and getting some stuff…took a while. I am there to check how Surging and Purging works, for that u need thralls → Converting thralls take time…So, i am waiting for the servers to reopen and hope i get the chance to do some Purges…If not, Funcom failed and i’ll play for a month on Official and realize i do not like it.Back to private/modded servers…I got old with this game and as Dennis said “i value my time”.

Until then…Each update there are a couple players that come on the forums/discord and consider playing on Official Testlive as “game testing”…Maybe 20 years ago…Now is just promotion, i do not have facts, but many “content creators/streamers” were/are using Testlive for their own benefits…Many others, me included, are there only because there are new things to explore/discover/learn/use. And many, use single player/private server and admin to really test the new update/patch…only that this last kind of players are not that many as i say…

For Official Testlive, if anyone has plans to play on those servers…Make sure u log out with ur characters inventory full…
You never know when it goes off and comes back up. That’s all i have to say to you. If you do not chill, you’ll get suspended or ignored.

I’m on testlive; well wish I was, to see how 3.0 game changes effect my game play. Finding ways to adapt my play stye to 3.0, to incorporate the new sorcery option in to it, and report any bugs that crop up along the way. I want to do this on a populated server, that means an official one. Not possible to do with 90% of the official servers down 90% of the time.

I’m not doing bug hunting, I’m doing play testing. If I wanted to bug hunt I’d be on a private server with other bug hunters.

I feel like funcom is preventing me from doing the job I want to do, in the way I want to do it. So ya, I’m a little aggravated.

Edit to add: WOOT! US PVE is up {11AM 8/23} :grinning:

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