Failed to connect to US PVE-C Testlive Siptah

On 15 and 16 September, I have not been able to connect to Public Test Server- US-PVE-C-IsleOfSiptah.

The ping is 34.

And while I’m at it, the Public Test Server-US-PVE-C-ExiledLands has been down for several weeks with a ping of 9999.

Please fix these servers.

Thank you.



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I’ll second restarting and updating the test servers. I had a real good build going on on EU-PVE, haven’t been able to finish connecting to it for a week, so all that is poofed.
I had a good build on the US PVE but it is up now about as much as it was during testing.

If the test servers are shut down, shut them down; delist them. If they’re not, funcom might aught to try managing them.

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Finally got an error report. The game simply wont syn up with the test server. I think what we are seeing at server select is just a digital mirage.

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You are proabably correct in regards to a digital mirage.

And I agree with you that FUNCOM should better manage the Testlive servers as well as INFORM players if the servers will be taken offline or abandoned.