Testlive Serve Performance Degradation

Public Test Server-US-PVE-C-Isle of Siptah is starting to show signs of performance degradation. Specifically, my fighter thralls and NPCs are clipping during combat. As well as NPCs are hitting my character even though I am not in melee range of the NPC.

I am assuming this issue is due to the server not being restarted since November 10th.

This behavior was also noted during the 3.0 Testlive when the server was not restarted for weeks. It got to the point the server was unplayable while inside my base.



Greetings Exile,

Thank you for letting us know. We will ask our team to take a look and trigger the restart.

We appreciate your support. :slight_smile:


Thank you!

The server restart has worked.

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Was trying to play yesterday and and and and and and and and I was glued to the point I logged in. Lets see if this worked.

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After being on the US and EU PVE exiles servers I still have odd issues. I’ll start to rubber band, but if I stop walking and wait a few seconds; 10-20, I can move normally again, for a bit. And I know it is nether from being over crowded nor over built. Abandoned thralls all over though.

Edit to add: Nope, still not playable. enemies floating away, teleporting around.

When was the last time the server was restarted?

I had that same issue on the 3.0 Testlive…there was like invisible walls inside my base.

Juat a word of warning, but if i remember they purposely dont reatart daily to stress test and gather data on server performance. Test servers are not only forntesting gameplay, but load as well.

Ya, I had the understanding they would restart when the server crashed. I’ve got a thread running on the EU and US PVE servers being unplayable right now.

There are things I would like to say that would get flagged and pulled, so biting my tongue :rage:

Unfortunately if that is the case it will drive what few players are on testlive to stop using the server.

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When I try to connect to PvE Test Live US server it attempts to connect for several minutes before finally drops connection with the message “connection lost to the server” or I have to do a CTRL ALT DEL to end task the game.

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I am getting stuck on the load screen and giving up.

About a week ago the US Testlive server started acting more laggy with a ton of rubber banding. During this time I could still connect to the server. It would load pretty fast in fact. Now it is sadly not playable due to server loading issues and all the rubber banding. Sigh.

Greetings Exiles,

All the TestLive servers were restarted to assist with performance issues.

We appreciate your patience and support. Have a great week! :slight_smile:


We’ll see about that.

ETA: Ok, thanks.
Apologizing for the rhetoric.

And crashed to a bad pak file; so can’t blame it on a mod any more, and now I critical error out every time I try to start the game :rofl:

Gotta laugh, crying wont help.

Myra thank you for helping us.

It’s time again for servers restart.



On it! Have a great weekend. :smiley:

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