Sorry, gave up on the US PVE server

Not sure about anyone one else but the server lag is so bad the game is unplayable for me. 14 people on and animals are teleporting all over hell. My ping to the server is 66 so that is not the issue. Nothing is were I am attacking at, I keep dying because I can’t hit anything. Tried to climb away from a mammoth, it flew.

Nothing I can do but log out, and give up.

Hope this gets fixed before it goes live.

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So you’ve played CE 3.0 on a PS4?

No offence here but…
1 you’re on console he is on pc
2 he is playing on a test live server, you don’t even have access to that.
3 he is playing on 3.0, you also don’t have access to that.
You can’t possibly have much of an idea what he even MIGHT be experiencing. Might be you that needs a rethink.


When the US PVE server was down; which was 70% of the time, I played on the EU PVE server were I had this same issue; and not the only one. NPCs where glitching so badly I never did one dungeon.

On the EU server enemies would charge past, rubber band back, charge past and rubber band back. The closer they got the more bouncing and teleporting they did. Fighting was easy because even if the NPC came at you to fight; which the majority of the time thy didn’t, they couldn’t seem to hit you. Thralls were a big help because they were just as bad in the same way so on an even field :smile: I actually blamed a lot of this on the 200-300+ ping.

As soon as the US server was up I was on it. Worked on getting caught up and everything was working fine, but the longer the server was up the more apparent the AI glitchyness was. Now the US PVE server is unplayable for me. Sure I can gather mats in areas with weak enemies, I can build and such. But I can’t explore and I can’t do any more dungeons. I can’t fight strong enemies that are not where I am attacking and can’t seem to miss me.

Could be fixed with a restart? I don’t know. But if the official live servers get like this…

This is an accurate description of how the official servers have been performing since 2018.


So true…

I feel like we are talking about #1940 PVE-C.

They “won’t”. The officials have daily restarts which helps. The testlive, as far as i know, rarely if ever get a restart. So the .db has a bunch of trash. It is a way for devs to stress test the servers if memory serves me right.

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They did a shut down update/bug fixes, been running fine since. So ya, if they do daily restarts of live this may not be an issue.

One Solution could be to switch to a dedicated Servera as they mostly have better Server Hardware then the Funcom Official ones…there are plenty of them advertised on Conan Exiles Discord.

I know it’s a just me thing, but it seems to me the OFFICIAL funcom game servers should be a shining example what what a Conan server should be. But nope, they are an example of about how bad a server can get. I mean if I was a cynic I’d say they were doing it on purpose to drive people away from the official servers so people will rent their own server. I mean it’s not like there is a rent a server button in game or something.

Still, you’re talking about Testlive servers here. I’ve told you previously, Cane told you now: by default Testlive servers are not rebooted daily. This is why so many Private TL servers have emerged.

It didn’t used to be this way for TL, they were run exactly as Official servers are run. It has become more important for the devs to study the impact of poor server performance, and nothing accentuates that like stale server behavior.

One other thing to keep in mind: you mentioned bad ping and bad performance. It is essential to test your route to the server in these instances. Example: Mate and I tried to join Server 1880. Performance and ping was great for him in East Coast US to Los Angeles server. My ping was OK, but I was stuttering, rubber banding and found it to be almost unplayable. Our need was for gameplay, so we simply moved to a server that was good for both of us.

I did follow up outside of game time. I used multiple VPNs to test, then purchased a good one for use. And while it appeared to correct the routing problem and very well stabilize my ping to server, 1880 was still unplayable. So I file a report and move on. It’s a slow and arduous process, but in the long term there is much to gain by positive collaboration.

Pardon, I in no way meant the testlive servers; even though there are very good examples of what I mean there. My bad I didn’t make that clear.

None the less I am sure there are people that will back me up, or have had the same actual server issues I’ve had on testlive. And server stability is only part of what I meant.

I recommend using the dedicated server app. It can run on your PC and allows to play solo or invite friends, if you are comfortable with managing your firewall.

I’ve been using it for a bit, now, to run Testlive, and have been very satisfied.

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