So it been a while sincer the patch is this our new normal

Just wondering if this is the new normal for the game and I should reconcile with it? - definitely plays worse than it did in the final beta.

I am talking about official servers here.

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Which system are you referring to? Hasn’t been that long since the last PC patch and considering the issues that PC players have been having I’m happy to wait until the patch is effective.

In what aspects? I haven’t been playing official servers actively, just refreshing. And my character on a lightly modded private server is still leveling up, so I haven’t yet had to deal with all aspects of the game. What I’ve seen so far is not horrible – same old same old – with some additional minor AI glitches in NPCs.

Mind giving me a heads up about what’s worse than beta at this point?

lag, game dropping you, logins. - ping spiking high enough to cause disconnections.

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Oh. Haven’t had that. Which region?

North America

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Yep, experiencing that on our official too.


The game is so glitchy at the moment that my clan only get on to refresh our bases. It’s too dicey to try any actual game play. One clan members build decayed a few days before the timer was due to run out (yes, we are experienced enough to know that the timer was wrong). We are logging in days in advanced now because of that and but mostly because sometimes the server isn’t even accessible.

A clan that has been on our server for over a year had their bases knocked down by another player. They couldn’t get on the server for days & the base reached decay state. That was a real kick in the guts for them. They won’t be back. The extra shame of that is they were really good people who helped out the server and were always positive in chat when people were being very negative about the game.

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Man, that sucks :frowning:

I haven’t run into it on the official server where I play. Do you think it might be worth reporting those specific servers to Funcom, in a bug report? Maybe they can compare them with others and see if they get better info from that.

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It’s a rough patch, with luck it will be handled soon.

Lets hope it all gets fixed because I cant play in my usual servers since patch june 16th and funcom doesnt seam to do anything about it.

It may appear that way at times but that’s the impatient gamer side talking, Just relax on another game or server and stay updated with the latest drama.

So what would be a reasonable time to expect me or others to wait? Based on my experiences with other online games over 30 years playing and seeing some pretty big fiascos, 2-4 days is the usual time for a fix when things break badly. How long should we wait?

What’s industry standard on this?