TestLive PVE server US needs reboot?

I’ve been playing on the TestLive PVE US server for the past week to test things out and am planning on building and staying to test out additional content as it is developed.

Though quite different from my PVE server I play on outside of TestLive, it’s been interesting.

First I have experienced walls, foundations and ceiling tiles disappearing or when coming back to my base, them being placed somewhere else on my structure.

Right now the server is bugged and needs a reboot as stamina suddenly isn’t working correctly anymore. This started last night and others trying the TestLive PVE US server were experiencing the same thing.

The stamina bar when sprinting is gone in about 1 second, where previously you could run for at least 30 seconds before you had to walk to refresh your stamina bar.

Tamed thralls and pets are running in the air and running around like they are insane, often running off into the distance.

Please reset the server to see if this resolves the issue.

Thank you.

These testlive servers are very frustrating. They want us to play on them to help identify bugs, but then they seem to ignore them for days. I know this is the holidays and staff is limited, but this is how they treat them during normal business operations as well.

They only reboot them when there is a issue or when they hang up, which then can take a day or two before they finally catch on that the servers are not working. I don’t understand why they do not restart the game server daily like they do on prod. Once again Testlive_US3_PVE is not responding and not letting anyone login.


These servers need the setting my normal server has where it AUTOMATICALLY reboots twice a day to fix bugs.

They have been rebooted today and they should be accessible now.

TestLive US PVE still cannot be accessed.

It appears 2 people are on the US3_TestLive_PVE server right now, but I cannot access still with any computer (4 computers I’ve tried on) or any account.

It was working earlier, as I was on about 3PM Eastern time. But now as Malgor has mentioned Testlive_US3_PVE is not accessible again. Getting this error: Could not connect to server.

This server has lots of problems.

Hey people, quick update,

One of the servers is experiencing some issue that is causing it to crash more often than not. Our team is looking into it.

Thanks Ignasis, I’ll check in the morning when I get home from work.

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yep thank you all for taking care of it.

All EU servers are extremely unstable.
Most of the time we can’t connect to them.
And even if we can. we’re thrown off after a short time playing.
It’s not a client issue since our entire clan was disconnected at the same time.
Connecting again didn’t work.

Can you look into this, because this will cause a lot of frustration to players if this propagates to all official server.

We’re loving the new changes so we’d love to spend more time in them as a clan to test the crap out of the new version, but we’ll need to get on first :wink:

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One of our clan members was disconnected and not able to log on again.
However, he’s still visible on the map, so it seems he’s kinda logged on and not logged on.

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Please tell me you’ve chased him down by now. Is he stationary or still running? Did you detect his appearance of running during the disconnect phase? Is he sitting, standing or laying on his back with arm folded like when we sleep?

He was asleep all of the time and stationary on the map, but still in the list of connected people while he was playing on another server.
The server ‘let him go’ after an hour or so (didn’t time it exactly).

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And now the client crashes with a ‘fatal error’ every time I try to log onto EU2-PVE-C
Sent the report to funcom.
So can’t play on the testlive servers anymore :frowning:

4 times’s a charm, got back in

Great feedback. I’ll see if I can simulate this later with a friend.

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