Testlive US3 - Restart required

No Mods.

Foes are not where they appear to be during combat.

They appear to be 10 to 20 feet away, but the character and following thrall are slapped around as if by ghosts.

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Odd behavior. I have not experienced this in my testing. Are you on a solo game or a server?

This server often needs restarts @Wak4863
things get a little wacky every 4 days or so

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I popped into a testlive server once last round and quickly ducked out because things were well wonky to say the least.

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Yeah, not sure what the issue is with them but it sure makes testing things out difficult.


The problem is testlive servers dont restart dayly, they must be Funcom hosted or something different than official servers.

How often do the Live Official servers get rebooted?

It would be nice if the testlive servers had an automatic daily reboot.

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It’s a daily restart that I know of.

Are you referring to the Live Official servers only?

I am curious as to what the restart schedule is for Test-Live. It really makes it hard to do testing when it goes wonky.

Cannot login to server at this time.

@Valkyrja I agree. Its one of the reasons that i quit testlive. I was unable to connect a lot of the time and when i could, thralls and npcs were not acting like they should and stamina and food/water was draining too quickly. I really think this should be resolved.

@Ignasi ? :slight_smile:

Hey @Valkyrja & @Thea

Apologies for the late response. Servers should restart shortly. Thanks for letting us know.


Thanks! And no worries!
Any chance those testlive servers would be put on a daily restart schedule? :slight_smile:


We’ll poke our team about it to see if there’s something that can be done.

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This really needs to be done. We have asked for it in the past and honestly, it is why I quit testing on official testlive - you just can’t keep them running well enough to test effectively, without a daily reboot. My own does the daily reboot and is far less buggy than Testlive official servers. Reboot downtime is only about 2 minutes.

(Deleted my request for restart warnings. I see that is in the launcher now)

But just the daily reboot would be a massive help.

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