Testlive server EU3 is down again

Can we have a restart?

US1 PVP testlive has been down for about a week, well I stopped checking after four days. Its weird a pvp official server that I played on went through a daily restart, yet it seemed I was the only one that played on it. Here there are testlive servers that several people play on regularly yet they have no daily restart schedule.

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Test live servers rarely have restarts, as they use them to stress test. During a restart, a server is basically resetting certain, things, deleting certain things etc. By not restarting, the devs can see how much a server can handle if none of the stuff is ever deleted. At least that is my very humble and basic understanding of what has been said.

I’m a software tester, so I know a thing or two.
Keeping a software program in a none-working state is not a good way to test.

I am not a software developer, but i stayed at a Holiday Inn express one time. And really, all i am saying is what they have posted before. The server restarts will only happen every so often on test live, after they got the test data they wanted. So don’t shoot the messenger.

Sure, I get what you are saying, and I can understand that they want to keep the system up as long as they can, but you can’t get good data from a system that is down.
When it is down, it needs to restart.

It may be down because they are fixing to release the test version of the next patch???

Maybe. would be nice to have a heads-up then

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Exactly some communication would be awesome. I agree a test server is useless if those willingly to test cannot access. This is Funcom’s forum and nothing but crickets from them on status.

If i am not mistaken, test box is now behind live, so wouldn’t it be better to test on SP for most stuff? Outside of server issues, everything else should be game play related, and some things that are “wrong” on test servers may have already been hot fixed/patched on live.

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