Testlive_US3_PVE down again - 1/11/2019

Starting to sound like a broken record, but yes this server is down again. Really wish testlive was restarted daily.

Testlive is often left running longer then usual on purpose. Pretty much every testlive patch that I can remember, leaving testlive on longer then normal was done intentionally.

With that said, unless Gportal restarts it themselves, as it is the weekend (and 3:30 AM in Norway at the time of this writing), I’m unsure if anyone will respond to the report in a timely manner since most or all of Funcom’s staff are off during the weekend.

Yeah I know, but this one particular server seems to crash more often than the others. I think it has some hardware issue that they haven’t identified yet. I don’t think Gportal has the testlive servers as they have to get the dev team to restart them, or they have in the past.

Testlive EU PVE-C is also unreachable (Fatal error) :frowning:

Testlive_US3_PVE still down on monday morning. Any chance it can get a kick in the pants?

I really should have checked these forums earlier, i was wondering why i could never connect!

Testlive US3 PVE still down as of right now. Really hope it can be fixed soon so i dont lose my base heh :slightly_smiling_face:

Is that the primary US based testlive server? I’ve been thinking of hopping on a modless test server and seeing how other people are playing the game.

There are 3 US ones, PVE, PVE-C and PVP. Not sure of the other 2 are having a similar problem, but definitely seems the PVE one does ever so often. I haven’t checked it yet this morning but it was still down as of last evening. @Jens_Erik or @Ignasi can you get someone to look at it please? it has been down since Friday.


They should be up again now. :slight_smile:


Thank you!

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yes, thank you - been playing on it consistantly for the last two days :slight_smile:

looks like this server (testlive US3) is down again. i was playing about an hour ago and tried to log in just now and cant. i get an error saying server UR4 is not working. i have tried restarting my pc and steam etc. but it doesnt help. Also, when i am in the server menu screen i can see that 3 people are currently on the server.

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and its still down this morning. . .

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