Testlive unplayable

When test is up I am on PVE EU and US. Working to make them an easier place to play. TLPW dept.

Right now; 11/17/2022 9:44 CMT, on the US server I am leashed to my login point. I get 3-4 steps and snap back.
On the EU server I can get a few steps and, wait for it, get a few more and, wait for it, get a few more. Finally made it back to my base to get trapped between 2 work benches.

I thought the test servers had been restarted yesterday, or read they had. Is this a by the server thing? Can you restart ALL the test servers?

Unplayable means untestable. Do we really want a repeat of the 3.0 drop?

And dropped is the right word.

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Greetings Exile,

Thank you for letting us know. We will ask our team to take a look and trigger the restart.

Have a good weekend. :slight_smile:

Placation. Do I need to give the definition?

I’ve read that before and nothing happened. If this gets done before the day is out, I’ll come back on and apologize. But I’m pretty optimistic I wont be apologizing.

The collision model is still out of sync with the visual model on the US PVE test server.
Still nailed to the spot stuck between two work benches on the EU PVE test server.

I can’t be disappointed because this is what I expected.

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