Test Live servers are down for days!

Can’t get a good feel for 3.0 because the servers are seldom up. US PVE test live has been down ALL weekend and US PVE C is seldom working either.

Welcome to the Forum. Please report this to Zendesk information on how is in introduction pages. Thanks for testing. @Helkat

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Think the public testlive servers are run/controlled by Funcom still. Correct me if i’m wrong.

Usually what happends on test live. From previous testlive experience, nothing happends over the weekends. When they back to work, they probably gather the data and restart/make available the servers again.

So tuesday. :roll_eyes:

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I have been playing the public testlive severs for years let me tell everyone what to expect.
The servers will be up for a week or a month or 3 months most of the time the servers are down for weeks or months and one time close to a year.
Some of the servers have decay turned off so your base will still be there but thralls will decay.
If your stuff is in the open and not locked it will be looted.
Playing on public testlive is worthless and big waist of everyones time.
Best find a private testlive and play it.
Good luck everyone

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In my total honesty, why i play on Public Testservers.
I assume that the version of the game on Testlive is the closest(give or take) to what will come on Live Servers. So, based to what Testlive offers…i decide if i play Official servers or private. Being a Siptah junky i have played each version of Testlive. 2.8 killed the Official servers for me…so i stopped Official and moved to modded servers.

I am not there to test their game, to find bugs or how people call it. I am there to see if i like it or not.

Does that mean that if i see something out of the normal wouldn’t i report it? Of course i would and did it plenty of times. It is sad to things that you reported still being there, but the happiness of seeing fixed things is greater…cough Khemi…

I always have some weapons/armors/1 thrall in my inventory stashed for when i stop playing Testlive. Rarely they wipe servers, so your characters inventory is your safe deposit.
This time around i am on Testlive to see how Surging and Purging changes in 3.0. Sorcery, Attributes revamp,Cooking are bonuses for me which probably will influence my play style. Oh, yeah and the new Thrall revamp :))

Since i play Testlive again my grudge against Exiled Lands players has grown ever more. :smiley: Those mofos can play but us the Siptah dudes been send to the 9999 hotline :slight_smile:
At least make it 1 - 1… 2 - 0 hurts my eyes…

I have my own topic on the matter…sadly because i am only able to make 3 replies/post. Excuse me posting my opinion in yours…

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Can always host your own testlive server (I do). The problem is that there are so many people playing that its apparently too much for whatever machine is in use. They can’t dedicate their officials to it to handle the load so really single player or hosting your own may be the best bet.

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I had too. But is not worth anymore to rent a server just to see if you going to play their next update or not.

Nothing a fresh restart of the server cannot resolve. The problems on the test live Siptah server were not the players, but rather the amount of things going on the server at the same time pilled up.

In my experience, when servers are down for longer periods of time is simple…Things are getting fixed and TestLive servers are being updated. And vacations :slight_smile: It is August after all :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I would never rent a testlive. My personal testlive server has been running just fine but it has a normal amount of players on it. Simple number of people is of course not the issue but what they are doing. I imagine it has a lot to do with everyone summoning a ton of undead and building up portals and such. So 30 or more people doing things that may still have some kinks in it are going to cause issues.

Alas poor official testlive servers, we knew you well.

Can’t think of anymore to say that wouldn’t garner me another time out, but this is just wrong funcom, and on so many levels.

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