I want my stuff

No way in hell we can get our live serever pass unlocks on testlive is there?

I play on the EU for obvious reasons. At 5X it’s practically like playing on a privet server. Hey, if the US testlive server was ever up I’d be on it, but it seems to be working as well as it did during the 3.0 perelease testing.

Was a real nice preview of how well the official servers are running now. Why do you think I’m on test? Don’t want to start over yet again, and the ping to the live server I am on is in excess of 300. Logged out for lunch and wont be getting back in any time soon.

You will get your TestLive server back in about 3 months for 4.0 :relieved:

None of the EU servers have shut down, all but 1 of the US servers has shut down. Very much like the prerelease testing. Says volumes doesn’t it?

Not really, no. Noone plays on TestLive servers but for a week when a major patch drops. No point in paying for these servers. I wouldn’t. Do yourself a favour and play on the live officials if an official is where you want to play at. All of your posts have achieved nothing, time to stop the rant.

1: Across the EU and US servers there are some 30 players. There’s 5 on the EU PVP server most all the time. 2-3 on the PVE server. So wrong in your first point.
2: If funcom was worried about the cost of running the test servers off test times NONE would be up. They would just close them. So wrong in your second point.
3: People are still testing the game.
4: I’m on a live server, when it is up and playable. And I have no intention of start over again unless neebs gaming opens a private server. So wrong in your third point.
5: I’m not even close to ranting. You have not seen me rant. So wrong in your fourth point.
6: And I’ve said what I want and got it off my mind so my posts have achieved something. So wrong in your fifth point.

Man that is a lot of wrong for one reply.

I will leave you to your echo chamber :rofl: I have seen enough of you.

“Oh my, some one put me I my place, gotta go”.

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