Can't seem to find a server

A little lost, tried to log into testlive and can’t seem to find an official server. What am I doing wrong. Links and guidance happily accepted.

Same here. I have been trying for 10 days to get into an Official (US) Test-Live Server. I posted the fact that I could see them but not connect. Now I cannot even see them.

um… this doesn’t bode well. Is the game coming to an end? I was just getting ready to get back into it again.

What is worse, is there has been no response. I am not sure if the entire company is on vacation.

I could find the EU test-live servers, but I did not try to log into them because of the high PING.

Hey there,

There’s been a problem with US Testlive servers. Our team is looking into it and bringing them up as soon as it’s possible.
EU servers have been given a restart as well.


Will we have a new patch next ?
New weapons testings or such, any preview for a testbuild ? :grinning:

It will depend on when we have the release candidate ready. We are trying to close the gap in patch release times between platforms. If we can feasibly do it, we will. We greatly appreciate testlive feedback :slight_smile:

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